Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert Mendoza

Clement Middle School 8th Grade Science  or  909-307-5400  x41306


Work will be posted in each Google Classroom period as well as necessary notes and links.  Generally, most assignments will be worth 1 point.  One point assignments will be given credit or returned for completion.  Occassionally, multiple point assignments will be assigned and partial credit will be awarded if earned.  Assignments should be completed within three (3) days past due date to be graded on time and reflected in Aeries.  Late assignments will be graded at my discretion.  All class sessions will occur at the scheduled time in Google Meet, the sessions will be named: mendoza1, mendoza3, mendoza4, mendoza5, and mendoza6 with the number representing the class period.

Communication is extremely important.  It is understandable that issues, problems, and stressors in this extraordinary time can cause issues with school responsibilities.  Communicate, at your discretion, necessary information in a timely manner so I may address issues or help find resources in a timely manner.

Good luck and stay safe.


R. Mendoza