Innovation, Technology, and Accountability

  • Director, Jamie CortzThe Innovation, Technology, and Accountability Department provides technology planning, implementation, support, training, and integration for administrative and instructional sites. Secondly, the department supports the district with local, state, and federal accountability requirements such as student assessments, CALPADS reporting, local assessments, and the CA School Dashboard. Finally, the department is dedicated to supporting students, teaching staff, and sites with 21st-century learning and innovation.


    Office Support Staff

    Name Role Phone Extension
    Jamie Cortz Director 20310
    Kim Moore Office Manager 20313
    Devlinn Clinton Student Information Systems Coordinator (Aeries) 20314
    Melissa Salazar Aeries Support 20312
    Blanca Luna Assessment Coordinator 20315
    Cindy Learn Data Support 20325
    Traci Cuevas Data Control Technician (Aeries) 20603
    Jeanette Reyes Data Control Clerk (Aeries) 20604
    Christina Swanson Data Control Clerk (Aeries) 20606
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