• The Student Center is located at the back of the administration building on the west side.

    Go to the Student Center for these activities
    • Checking out/picking-up your student
    • Late students & students returning from appointments
    • Meeting with a counselor (Ms. Pahia (A-G), Mr. Swiderski (H-N) Mrs. Baker (O-Z))
    • All attendance questions or concerns (Ms. Sanchez)
    • Dropping off a student lunch, backpack, clothes, etc…
    • Picking up homework
    • Registration questions, updating student contact information (Mr. Dean)
    • Meeting with the Assistant Principal - Mr. Bline's Secretary (Mrs .Camarena)
    • Security (Ofc. Jimenez, Ofc. Escontrias)
    Bus Parking Area
    At the start and end of the day, the front parking lot is off limits to all private vehicle traffic. Our buses must have a clear path to enter, load students and exit. Should you head north on Orange Street into the parking lot between Highland Grove Elementary School and Beattie Middle School, please do not block the bus entry zone into the front parking lot, which is clearly marked with "Keep Clear" painted on the street. We thank you for your attention to this traffic flow concern.

    Side Parking Lot for Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up
    As you all know, our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up is a very busy time in our parking lot. Everyone dropping off or picking up students must drive very cautiously. Please remind your student to enter and exit your vehicle carefully. They should not dart across the flow of traffic. They should make sure that all drivers see them before crossing at the crosswalk. We ask that parents pull ALL the way forward into the loading zone, as this allows more cars to be accommodated, which ultimately speeds up the entire process.  While it may mean that your child has to walk slightly farther, it also allows for a more consistent traffic flow.  And finally, we ask that all drivers exhibit a high level of patience. The safety of your student - and all the students who attend Beattie - is key.

    SCHOOL YEAR 2019 - 2020 TIMES / DATES

    ENDING DATE: JUNE 4, 2019