Classroom Expectations and Routines

  • Expectations

    • Be on time, in your seats and already working before the bell rings.
    • Stay in your seats unless given permission by the teacher.
    • Be on task and respect the rights of others to teach and learn.
    • Use your agenda daily.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon to speak.
    • No eating/drinking in class unless it's water.
    • Bring textbooks and composition notebooks everyday.


    • 1st Offense - Warning
    • 2nd Offense - Lunch Detention
    • 3rd Offense - Time out with a behavior sheet
    • 4th Offense - Notify parent
    • 5th Offense - Referral

    Categories/Grading Scale Honors

    Tests/Projects                              40%              A     93%     C+   77%     D-   60%
    Classwork/Notebook Checks     25%              A-    90%     C     73%      F       0%
    Computers                                   15%              B+   87%     C-    70%
    Homework                                   15%               B      83%     D+  67%
    Semester Exam                             5%               B-    80%     D     63%

    Categories/Grading Scale Regulars

    Tests/Projects                              30%              A     93%     C+   77%     D-   60%
    Classwork/Notebook Checks     30%              A-    90%     C     73%      F       0%
    Computers                                   15%              B+   87%     C-    70%
    Homework                                   20%               B      83%     D+  67%
    Semester Exam                             5%               B-    80%     D     63%

    Classroom Materials

    • Composition Notebook (preferable graph)
    • Pencils
    • Red Pen
    • Glue Stick, Tape, or Stapler
    • Ruler
    • Colored Pencils
    • Agenda

    Textbooks and Notebooks

    Students will be doing their work either in their textbook or their composition notebook. Students will use these everyday especially the composition notebook. Anything students do outside of their textbook, it will be done in their composition notebook. The notebook will contain notes, classwork and any supplemental materials students will need to study for any assessments. Their notebooks will be graded usually the day of an assessment. Those dates will be announced in class and on the classroom agenda.

    If a student is missing any pages from the Carnegie Textbook it is their responsibility to go online and reprint these pages. Please understand I only have 1 textbook per student and if a student loses their work, I cannot provide them with another. The website is


    Homework will generally be assigned Mondays through Thursdays and will be due each day after it's assigned unless otherwise noted. In order for your child to be successful, it is important for your child to complete all homework assignments. It is an integral component of the learning process and practice must be done in order to achieve mastery. I never collect homework unless it is an assignment I choose to post on the walls in my classroom. Again, homework will either stay in the textbook or the composition notebook.

    Regular classes - Homework is graded upon completion. There is no reason a student should get anything below a 10/10. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

    Honors classes - Homework is based off of right or wrong. If one does not answer each part of a question, the entire question is marked wrong. No make-ups. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

    Late Work/Missing Assignments

    All assignments are due the day after it is assigned unless stated otherwise. Assignments turned in late will reduce to a 70%. STUDENTS MAY TURN IN LATE OR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS WITHIN 1 MONTH - OTHERWISE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


    Refer to the agenda about turning in absent homework. When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to retrieve homework from the teacher and the notes from another classmate.

    Tests/Test Corrections

    Students may retrieve their graded test from the teacher to make corrections. This does not include the common assessments or the semester finals. Corrections must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Corrections must be done on a separate sheet of paper.
    • For each question missed, I must have the correct answer, work shown, and why the question they chose was incorrect (or point out the mistake they made to get to the correct answer). They may use any resource to help them correct their questions.
    • The corrections need to be stapled to the test and given back to the teacher by the date given in class.

    Common Assessments are given by the district about every 5 weeks. I give an assessment in between these dates. These will be on the classroom agenda and announced to the students in class. 


    Before any assessment, I always announce to the class that talking is not permitted during this time. Students talking while an assessment is ongoing will receive a zero, even if both students are finished.

    Bathroom/Fountain Pass

    Students will receive 1 pass per semester that includes 2 bathroom and 2 water passes. Any unused pass may be turned in for extra credit at the end of the semester. If a student uses their bathroom passes and needs to use the bathroom, they will either have to wait or ask another student to use their pass. A pass will not be replaced if lost. If your child has a condition that requires them to use the restroom frequently, please contact me and I'd be more than happy to acommodate them.


    Please see the Notebook Contract and Technology Contract under Resources.