Help! I need to raise my grade!

  • So you need to raise your grade, huh?

    I can help you with that. 

    Here are some steps to help you raise your grade:

    1. Turn in any and all missing assignments. Your missing assignments will be listed on Aeries. If the assignment is a hand out, the pdf will be to the right of the assignment. You may download and print. Remember, my latework policy is 1 month. After this date, missing assignments will have a zero and will not be accepted.
    2. Make sure you are consistently turning in your homework with work shown.
    3. Mathia is a great way to help improve your grade. Making up Mathia is the fastest way to help your grade.
    4. If test corrections are offered at this time, DO THEM!
    5. I'm available before school (beginning at 8:15am), during lunch, and after school for help (until 3:45pm) unless there's a meeting.


    • If your child is not writing in their agenda this should be cause of concern. The agenda is the communication going home of assignments done/needing to be done.
    • Make sure your child has all the necessary supplies they need.
    • You may access their grades through Aeries Parent Portal
    • Continuously check your emails or my website for announcements which will be posted through both.
    • If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me: