Middle and High School Voluntary Student Drug Testing Program

  • Drug use among students is a major concern for both educators and parents.  The use of illegal substances can lead to harmful and even disastrous results for everyone involved.  It is, therefore, important to empower students and parents to avoid the pitfalls associated with drug abuse.  To achieve this goal, RUSD has implemented a Voluntary Student Drug Testing Program for middle and high school students.  The program is free of charge, non-punitive, and confidential

    The goal of the RUSD Voluntary Drug Testing Program is to partner with parents to help our students combat and win the fight against drug and alcohol use.

    With parent consent, students who participate will, on a random basis, be selected to undergo a urine drug test.  The tests will be administered on campus during the school day in a private location by an outside company, IE Drug Testing.  All tests will be conducted by trained professionals.  Information regarding the test results is confidential and will only be released to parents/guardians.  No results, positive or negative, will be given to the school or the district office.  If a test is positive, IE Drug Testing will provide referrals to appropriate counseling services and there will be no school discipline because only the parent will know the test result.