Elementary Bands

  • The Elementary Instrumental Music Program offers instruction in woodwind, brass, and string instruments to 4th and 5th grade students. Band students meet once per week for lessons and 5th grade band students also participate in an after-school rehearsal once per week that combines students from several schools for a large ensemble experience. Elementary Band students perform in the Redlands Christmas Parade, the Sounds of the Season Winter Concert, the REV Musical Festival, Spring Concerts and the RUSD All-District Musical Festival.

    Participation in the Elementary Instrumental Music Program builds foundational skills for future music education and promotes self-confidence, teamwork, school engagement, and overall higher academic achievement.

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  • Directors
    Adelle Glass - Arroyo Verde, Crafton, Cram, Franklin, Judson & Brown, Kimberly, Kingsbury, Lugonia

    Courtney Otis - Bryn Mawr, Highland Grove, Mariposa, McKinley, Mentone, Mission, Smiley, Victoria

    Band Assistants

    Charlotte Ford & Tim Ruzon

    Elementary Bands
    Contact Number
    Adelle Glass 909-748-6747 ext. 30578

    Courtney Otis 909-748-6747 ext. 30678

    Jean Joye
    Director Elementary Education
    (909) 307-5300 ext. 20306

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