• Students - Do you know the Redlands Unified School District policy for attendance? For example: If you are absent and your parent does not excuse the absence within 48 hours (with a note or a phone call) your absence will be considered a truancy.

    Also, if you are tardy due to: missing the bus, running late, overslept, finishing homework, etc. you will be marked with an unexcused tardy (even if your parent calls or sends a note).

    Acceptable excuses would include: a medical appointment, illness, funeral, or other understandable/non-illness reasons. (For medical appointments, a note from your doctor’s office is requested for documentation.)

    On a few other attendance notes – All students interested in extra-curricular school activities such as skate parties, dances, field trips, etc. To be eligible to attend afterschool and end-of-the-year activities, you can not have more than 9 class tardies or any suspensions within 45 school days of the activity.

    To qualify for the end-of-the-year 8th grade ‘perfect attendance’ award, a student can not have any period absences or period tardies for all three school years here at Cope.