• 8 th Grade U.S. History Classroom Policies Mr. Tarbi – Room M-66

    Each student has the right to an atmosphere in which learning takes place and an environment where all members will treat others with respect and courtesy...

    Dear Parents and Students, I am pleased to be your 8th Grade U.S. History Teacher this year. Please read carefully the following information about how to be successful in my classroom this year in both academics and citizenship. I believe that learning can only take place with clear expectations, self-discipline and cooperation in a classroom and I will ensure that this will be the case in Room M-66.

    You are always welcome to come and visit our classroom. It is the responsibility of the student to attend school regularly, to be punctual, obey teacher direction, be kind and courteous to teachers and school mates, and refrain from profanity and vulgarity [California Administrative Code, Title V., Section 200]. Students are to treat each other with respect, arrive to school and class on time, bring necessary material, and stay on task.

    GRADING: Grading is done on a total point basis. Each task is assigned a point value and the student's grade is determined by how many points they have accumulated in a semester compared to the points offered. Grades will be posted in Aeries, and will be updated once a week...I hope. 

    The grading scale is as follows:

    95-100%=A   90-94%=A-  87-89%=B+  84-86%=B   80-83%=B-  77-79%=C+  74-76%=C  70-73%=C-   67-69%=D+  64-66%=D  60-63%=D-  0-59%=F

    I do not give extra credit assignments. 

    TARDY POLICY: A tardy is defined as any unexcused or unauthorized entry into class after it has begun. Students need to be in their seats ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

    LATE WORK: I do not accept late work as it is out of context and not fair to the students who do the work on time. Late work and make-up work are 2 different things.

    MAKE-UP WORK: MAKING WORK UP IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT ON THEIR OWN TIME!!! I will follow school board policy on make-up work which basically states: students who are absent for any excusable absence will be allowed to make up work missed on a day for a day basis. Please don't ask for more time after the fact as it is not fair to the students who completed the work on time. If there are special circumstances please communicate with me in advance and we will make appropriate arrangements. Students are asked to find out what they missed before school or, during lunch or before or after class if time permits. The best way to do this is to check my web page or ask a fellow student your class as I give different assignments to different classes. I reserve the right to excuse or not excuse students from class for any reason not specified in the Faculty Handbook. Students will be assigned a failing grade for that day’s activities if they are not present in class and were not excused. Exceptions include Administrative requests, school-sponsored excursions and field trips which are defined by Board Policy 6153: “A field trip is considered to be a trip designed to provide or enhance students’ learning opportunities not otherwise available at the school. The purpose includes stimulation of interest, culmination of a unit of study, gathering data and providing an additional/supplemental learning activity. As an integral part of the curriculum experience and an extended opportunity for factual and ethical learning and interpersonal skills, these trips must be appropriate to the student and class subject.”

    SUBSTITUTES AND GUESTS: Students are expected to be courteous and show respect for all visitors to our classroom. Being uncooperative to a guest or substitute teacher will result in double the usual consequence, a day outside the classroom writing a letter of apology to the substitute and a possible referral to the office depending on previous behavioral issues.

    HALL PASSES: Passes are issued to leave class on an as-needed basis and at my discretion. I take pride in the fact that my students are in class, on time for the whole period - every day. Please notify the office of any special circumstances that would require your child to be out of class (i.e. medications). Students who are ill or have any other type of serious emergency will, of course, be sent to the proper place to get help. Information, assignments, due dates, documents and helpful websites can be accessed from the Cope website!