• Counseling Staff Directory

    Mr. Luis Chanure, Counselor
             School of Arts & Industry: A-La including SDC
             307-5500 x30148
    Mrs. Kim Elgin, Counselor
           School of Public Services: A-Me & AVID
           307-5500 x30147
    Mrs. Dennise Kennedy, Counselor
    School of Enterprise: A-Ma
    307-5500 x30145
    Mrs. Vaughan Kusko, Counselor
    School of Arts & Industry: Le-Z
    307-5500 x30146
    Mrs. Maria Magaña-Saenz, Counselor
    School of Enterprise: Mb-Z
    307-5500 x30149
    Mrs. Sherry Walsh, Counselor
    School of Public Services: Mf-Z including SDC & HEART Academy, Department Chair
    307-5500 x30142
    Mrs. Gayle Dockham, Assistant Principal
    Guidance & Support
    Discipline & Attendance for the School of Public Action
    307-5500 x30103
    Ms. Sarah Stanley, Secretary for Mrs. Dockham
    New student registration, lunch program applications, O.H.S. and all R.I.S.E. paperwork.
    She also processes all paperwork for discipline and attendance referrals for the School of Public Action.
    307-5500 x30103
    Mrs. Doreen Avila, Counseling Office Staff
    Student info, schedules parents & teachers conferences, 504 Plan meetings, homework requests, No 1st or 6th period stickers, and schedule new student appointments
    307-5500 x30140
     Ms. Dana Smythe-Negron, Counseling Office Staff
    Schedules student appointments and schedules IEP meetings
    307-5500 ext. 30141
    Ms. Teri Pantaleo, Registrar
    Transcript requests, diplomas, and records
    307-5500 x30170
    Mrs. Tracy Meyers, Data Clerk
    Address changes and phone numbers, grade verification, report cards & progress reports
    307-5500 x30160
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