This course is an A-G College-Preparatory Elective designed to help make your transition from Middle School into High school a positive and successful one. You are more likely to apply yourself to your academic studies if you have a vision of your desired future and set goals for reaching that lifestyle. This course will teach students how to take ownership of their learning and post-secondary plans. At the end of the year students will have developed a ten year plan that maps out a pathway to their desired postsecondary education, career training, or the workforce. Embedded in the coursework are the Standards for Career Ready Practice adopted by the Common Career Technical Core.

     Course Objectives

    • To build a stronger sense of community and school involvement by accessing and exploring campus resources, activities, clubs, and community service opportunities.
    • To set goals and develop skills needed for academic and personal success such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
    • To begin thinking about an ideal future for yourself and what skills are needed to achieve success for those future plans.
    • To learn and practice skills for wellness and positive mental health, expose students to the different types of bullying and how to prevent bullying.
    • To expose students to college admissions requirements, tuition costs, financial aid, college majors and selecting a school.  
    • To have students identify transferable skills and research potential job/careers.
    • To instill an understanding of the costs of any given lifestyle, financial costs, as well as psychological costs and the cost in terms of commitment to a given career.
    • Explore postsecondary pathways towards various desired careers and map out a 10 year plan to achieve a desired career.



    AVID stands for students who want Advancement via Individual Determination.  AVID is a program which prepares students for entry into a four-year college program.  An AVID student is defined as enthusiastic, ardent and characterized by vigorous pursuit.  AVID students are expected to maintain at least a “C” average, study a minimum of two hours a night, make organization a priority, and apply for advanced classes.

    Course Objectives

    • Students will receive academic instruction in writing and in the following skills—note taking, studying, test taking and organization.
    • Students will receive academic support from tutors through collaborative groups and peer counseling.
    • Students will be motivated to pursue academic excellence through cultural and college field trips, classroom motivational speakers, and AVID team building.