Questions Students and Parents Frequently Ask

  • What is the cost for attending the Redlands eAcademy?
    The Redlands eAcademy is a free public school, part of the Redlands Unified School District.

    What if I don't live in Redlands?  Can my child still attend the eAcademy?
    Yes!  Redlands eAcademy is open to students from both inside and outside Redlands Unified School District boundaries.  We accept students who reside in the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Inyo, Kern, Orange, and Los Angeles.

    Why would a student attend the Redlands eAcademy?
    Traditional public school is a good fit for many students... but not all students.  Redlands eAcademy is a different kind of public school, and offers a different approach:  blended learning.  Blended learning combines the best of face-to-face with online and independent learning.  Our students work with teachers and peers in small groups; our average student-to-teacher ratio is 6 to 1.  Our students have much more freedom in their schedules than traditional students, but still meet regularly with peers and credentialed teachers who provide hands-on activities to enhance their independent learning.  

    Students who have grown tired of what feels to them like "wasted time" in traditional environments; students who are looking for more flexible scheduling options; students deeply involved in pursuits such as acting or club sports; students who have been homeschooled or in independent study environments who would like to add small-group peer interactions; and students who prefer a small-group, family-like environment to the large-scale school experience ALL do very well at eAcademy.

    Which online curriculum does the eAcademy use?
    Middle school and high school students use Edgenuity for all online courses.  Elementary students use a combination of traditional K-5 Redlands USD curriculum and Acellus

    We take seriously our responsibility to teach students how to become successful online learners.  Like all things worth doing, there is a process involved in becoming a good online learner; it doesn't happen by accident.  We believe in partnering with parents and families to come alongside students in order to train, assist, encourage and reinforce best practices as they become an effective online learners in a supportive environment.

    Can a student earn a diploma from Redlands eAcademy?
    Yes! Students completing Redlands Unified graduation requirements are eligible to receive a traditional high school diploma bearing the mark of the Redlands Unified School District and Redlands eAcademy. Each spring, students completing graduation requirements and in good standing are eligible to participate in our regularly scheduled graduation commencement ceremony.  Our graduation ceremony is a full-scale celebration in an intimate and meaningful setting.


    Is the Redlands eAcademy accredited?

    Yes! The Redlands eAcademy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Accredited Schools and Colleges (WASC).  The eAcademy offers online courses which have been approved by University of California, meeting approvals for “A-G” college entrance requirement.  Our next WASC visit is scheduled for the Spring of 2019.

    What about NCAA eligibility?
    All our core courses are currently in the process of review by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. We will not meet eligibility requirements for student athletes wishing to play sports at NCAA institutions until this review is complete and approved.  Upon approval, all graduates will become NCAA eligible.  We know this is an important issue for many families, and are working to complete the process in 2018.  Please feel free to contact our principal if you have questions about the approval timeline.

    Do students take the courses on their own time or school time?
    Both.  The typical eAcademy student is expected to spend between 20 to 35 hours per week of independent work time completing a variety of lectures, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes and projects. Online courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While this work can be completed in a flexible format, there are scheduled times at least weekly where students meet on campus with a credentialed teacher in small groups, typically four to six hours per week.  Schedules for these times, known as "block times".

    In addition, we have supervised on-campus digital work time in our Eagle's Nest room available to middle and high school students Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  Credentialed teachers provide regular tutoring in all subject areas in addition to our weekly block times, including daily math tutoring.

    Is there a role for Parents at the eAcademy?
    ABSOLUTELY.  At all levels, grades TK-12, we are engaged in active partnership with families who wish to have greater participation in their children's education.

    Elementary students need direct instruction from parents (not simply computers).  Our credentialed teachers provide regular hands-on activities for students in class, but they also provide carefully structured assignments each week that parents then deliver and manage at home. 

    Parents of Middle and High School students can monitor the progress of their students' online courses in real time using the Edgenuity parent portal.  Our counselors and staff depend on parent feedback to help taylor-fit each student's educational pathway.  In addition, we have an active PTSA with like-minded eAcademy parents happy to welcome new families into the fold.

    Is Redlands eAcademy a good place to come if you want to graduate early or if you need short term credit recovery?
    No.  The eAcademy is a rigorous blended learning environment that is not well-suited to credit recovery or to finishing graduation credits early.  However, the district has a number of other good options for these situations that your academic counselor would be happy to discuss with you.  


    Do students need a computer at home?
    We highly recommend that students have continuous access to a computer with internet access, preferably in the home. If students don’t have a computer with reliable internet access at home, they can use computers during regularly scheduled school days at our campus, public library, internet cafes and/or community centers.  Many students do choose to work here on-campus on their non-scheduled days, others work from home.


    Is there a teacher for every class?
    Yes. All Redlands eAcademy teachers are Highly Qualified credentialed teachers who will work closely with students in each course to provide guidance and frequent feedback as students’ progress through the curriculum. Teachers are available in person Monday–Friday on our campus, by email when students have questions or they can arrange a time for a live phone conference or online chat.  Students can always come on campus to get "unstuck" during school hours M-F from 8:00 to 3:00.


    Will students need to be online at the same time as the instructor?
    The majority of Redlands eAcademy courses are conducted asynchronously, allowing students to participate at any time of the day or night. With the need of the individual learner in mind, we afford eAcademy students the opportunity to work in the online environment when it is most convenient for their schedules.  All core classes have weekly on-campus small group sessions with a teacher.

    Some courses, including telepresence, physical education and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, do require additional weekly on-campus small group sessions with the instructor and classmates.  Times and dates are listed on the class schedules. Teachers can be reached by email when students have questions or they can arrange a time for a live phone conference or online chat. Emails and phone calls are generally returned within 24-48 hours.


    How many courses can a high school student take at one time?
    With graduation and college/career readiness the goal of all Redlands eAcademy students, an academic plan is established to ensure students are on track to graduate on time. Students’ progress of meeting UC and CSU minimum requirements will also be tracked during the course of the school year. On average, a full-time student will take twelve courses per academic year in order to meet graduation requirements. Student schedules are determined on an individual basis and may vary. Students should be cognizant of the high level of work required in online courses and the expectation of 25-40 hours of academic progress each week.


    Can a student enroll in the Redlands eAcademy if they have a learning disability?
    Yes.  Students on an IEP wishing to transfer to the Redlands eAcademy are required to have a current IEP which states online learning is the least-restrictive educational environment. The eAcademy is not a good fit for every type of disability, but for some students, we are an excellent fit.  This issue of "fit" is addressed before enrollment (or transfer) at an IEP or IEP addendum that includes the team who has been working with the student and an eAcademy counselor who can describe how our site works in order to help the team determine if our setting is indeed a good fit.  Questions about this process can be answered by our counseling staff or by the special education coordinator who works with our site.


    Who can a student contact if he/she is having trouble with an online course?
    If a student requires assistance on a day they are not scheduled to be on campus, they may always come on campus to get help.  It is the goal of the Redlands eAcademy to always have a staff member available to offer assistance as needed.   Redlands eAcademy teachers are available at our campus Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 am - 11:00 am and 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm. Because some of our teachers are only on campus during specific days of the week, students who need the help of a specific teacher are encouraged to send that teacher an email.  Our staff is very good at getting back to specific student questions as quickly as possible.  We are here to help.

    How do we start the enrollment process?
    Call today, or fill out our short online interest Form, and a member of our staff will contact you.