Typing Agent

  • Introducing Typing Agent 

    Instructions for Home & Parent Access 

    Dear Parent/Guardian: 

    In today's digital age, teaching students to touch type is imperative. As students become keyboard proficient, this invaluable skill will help them succeed in their school years and will be critical as they pursue further studies, training, or move directly into the workforce. 

    With this in mind, we are excited to inform you that our school now has access to one of the most innovative typing tutors available - Typing Agent.  Website: www.typingagent.com.  Typing Agent is a 100% web-based program that teaches these very important keyboarding skills. Typing Agent has hundreds of lessons, tests, and reinforces learning to type with fun and exciting games and quests for students to enjoy.  Research shows that students learn more when they are engaged and having fun. 

    An important benefit of Typing Agent is that it helps prepare our students to meet nationally established “Common Core State Standards and take online assessments. CCSS's dictate that students must have ample opportunities to demonstrate sufficient command of keyboarding skills specific to their grade level and take part in a variety of rich, structured technology activities as part of a whole class, in small groups, and with a partner. Typing Agent gives us leading-edge technology to help our school and your student meet these goals and succeed in this digital age. 

    Another exciting feature of Typing Agent is that your student can log on to the program from both school and home, this access allows your student to continue to practice keyboarding from home via an internet ready computer, iPad, or Android device. Additionally, you as the parent/guardian have a special Parent Access portal on the Typing Agent website, which allows you to see how your student is progressing in their keyboarding skills with the program.   

    Please see the login card(s) attached to this letter as it will give you important login instructions.   

    We hope you will encourage your child to use Typing Agent on a consistent basis in order to partner with us to achieve their highest level of proficiency.