Agape Club

  • Agape Club


    What is Agape:  Greek word meaning a complete, uncompromising love like God’s love for us.  

    We are, according to Biblical teachings, supposed to show “agape” love to our “neighbors” which is EVERYBODY!


    What is it? 

    Agape Club is a school club open to all students in all grades.  Its purpose is to support the desire for spiritual fellowship of students regardless of faith or personal beliefs.  The bulk of the  teaching and prayer will be Bible-based and Christian-oriented and focus on fundamental Christian teachings.

    When does it meet? 

    The club meets the first and third Tuesdays of each Month beginning in September during both lunches.

    1st Lunch in room G-44 with Mr. Williamson

    2nd Lunch in room E-15 with Mr. Whitehurst

    What will students do at the meetings? 

    The meetings are generally led by students who teach Biblical concepts to other students.  Although youth pastors may teach occasionally, the goal of the club is to reach Christian students  who seek spiritual growth and fellowship.  The meetings also include prayer and prayer requests.


     See  Mr. Whitehurst in room E-15

    307-2400, Ext. 40715