Dress Code

  • The Board of Education has determined that a student may not remain at school dressed in a manner which (1) creates a safety hazard for said student or for other students at school, and/or (2) when the dress constitutes a serious and unnecessary distraction to the learning process or tends to disrupt campus order. When the site administrator/designee determines that a student's attire is in violation of this policy, the student will be required to modify his/her clothing and/or apparel in such a manner that it no longer violates this policy. If necessary, the student may be taken or sent home with parental permission to modify unacceptable dress and return to school. Refusal to take steps as described in this policy shall be cause for disciplinary action against the student.

    The following dress code guidelines were adopted for Redlands East Valley High School:

    1. Shoes must be worn at all times. A substantial sole is required and enclosed toes and heel footwear are highly encouraged. Platform shoes (over 3 inches), slippers and rubber thongs are not permitted.
    2. Extremely brief garments that are distracting to the educational environment are not appropriate. These garments would include:
      • Halter tops
      • Tube tops
      • Muscle shirts or sleeveless undershirts worn as an outside garment
      • Strapless apparel
      • Any clothing that reveals underwear
      • Spaghetti straps less than 1 inch in width
      • Off the shoulder apparel
      • See through garments such as blouses, tops, shirts, skirts, etc.
      • Low-cut garments
      • Bare midriff garments

    (A jacket or cover-up to conceal brief clothing that reveals bras or bare midriffs is not acceptable.)

    3.  Garments with violent, suggestive or obscene statements will not be allowed. Garments or accessories with slogans or pictures depicting or promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances are not appropriate.

    4.  Earrings, jewelry, or accessories which present a safety hazard to the wearer or others are not suitable for school wear. Spiked or studded jewelry of any kind, including ankle bands, bracelets, chokers, rings, gloves, and belts are not acceptable.

    5.  Only prescription sunglasses may be worn in classrooms or offices. Other types of sunglasses may be worn on campus outside of class.

    6.  Identified gang attire such as bandannas, hairnets or hair-rollers, or any gang paraphernalia is prohibited. Those items of attire include:

      • Bib overalls with straps unbuckled
      • Oversized, sagged or baggy pants (see definitions below)
      • Lettered or numbered belt buckles
      • Apparel with emblems, printing, etc. that creates animosity between groups and/or individuals
      • Oversized shirts or jackets (actual size or no larger than one size over is acceptable)
      • Suspenders that are not worn properly on the shoulders
      • Chains of any form, chokers, safety pins worn on the outside of clothing
      • Belts not worn in the belt loops
      • Clothing worn in such a manner that would conceal any weapon, beeper, or contraband that could be carried on the person.

    No headwear will be permitted to be worn on campus. School caps/hats or head wear that is part of a uniform worn for athletic events may be worn on the field or area of play but may NOT be worn on campus when the event is not in progress. Headwear guidelines shall apply equally to male and female students.

    The intent of this policy is clearly to prevent the display of unauthorized caps/hats on campus; thus, "worn" is interpreted in the broadest sense. Any student who displays an unauthorized cap/hat either by wearing it on the head or carrying it in a pocket or back pack so that the cap/hat is visible will be deemed as in violation of this policy.

    Metal reinforced footwear such as Doc Martin boots, chains such as wallet safeguards, and excessively long belts violate the intent of the gang attire policy provisions and are subject to dress code violation penalties.


    Baggy pants: the waistline of the pants, located at the hipbone of the student, when pulled and pinched will not have an excess of cloth material greater than one inch or one size larger than actual size.

    Sagged pants: the waistline of the pants is to be located at the hipbone of the student. With the pants correctly worn, the crotch of the pants will not hang below the torso. The length of the "hemmed" pants will be no longer than the heel of the shoe. Properly fitted pants incorrectly worn (below the hipbone) are "sagged pants."

    For the safety of all REVHS students and staff, the administration reserves the right to ban any clothing style that indicates gang affiliation, violence or drug use or any clothing style that distracts from the learning environment.

    Referral steps following student/parent contact by phone or in person:

    1st offense: Counselor 

    1. Review dress code
    2. Correct situation (send home if necessary)
    3. Counsel regarding consequences of future violations

    2nd offense: Assistant Principal 

    1. Correct situation (send home if necessary)
    2. House Detainment

    3rd offense: Assistant Principal

    1. Home suspension - 2 days
    2. Suspension - 3 days
    3. Refer to Alternative Education Committee