Dress Code

  • The Board of Education has determined that a student may not remain at school dressed in a manner which (1) creates a safety hazard for said student or for other students at school, and/or (2) when the dress constitutes a serious and unnecessary distraction to the learning process or tends to disrupt campus order. When the site administrator/designee determines that a student's attire is in violation of this policy, the student will be required to modify his/her clothing and/or apparel in such a manner that it no longer violates this policy. If necessary, the student may be taken or sent home with parental permission to modify unacceptable dress and return to school. Refusal to take steps as described in this policy shall be cause for disciplinary action against the student.

    The following dress code guidelines were adopted for Redlands East Valley High School:

    1. Shoes must be worn at all times.  A substantial sole is required, and enclosed toe and heel footwear is highly encouraged. Athletic shoes are required for Physical Education classes.
    2. Clothing will always cover all undergarments. Undergarments may not be worn solely as clothing (e.g. bra tops, boxer briefs). A jacket or cover-up to conceal brief clothing that reveals undergarments is not acceptable. Extremely brief garments are not appropriate. No garments should be so revealing/brief as to show undergarments while seated or standing.
    3. Clothing or accessories shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia or logo which are crude, violent, obscene or sexually suggestive or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice or slogans or pictures depicting or promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances are not appropriate. Specifically, no clothing that might incite hatred or unrest between students is allowed.
    4. Earrings, jewelry, or accessories, which present a safety hazard to the wearer or others, are not suitable for school wear. Spiked/sharp accessories of any kinds will not be allowed.
    5. Only prescription sunglasses may be worn in class.  Other types of sunglasses may be worn on campus outside of class.
    6. Identified gang attire or any gang paraphernalia is prohibited. The administration has the right to ban any clothing or accessory that indicates gang affiliation.
    7. Hats or any type of sun-protective headgear may be worn on campus, as long as it does not violate any other section of the Dress Code. Hats should be removed while indoors on campus. 



    Referral steps following student/parent contact by phone or in person:

    1st offense: Counselor 

    1. Review dress code
    2. Correct situation (send home if necessary)
    3. Counsel regarding consequences of future violations

    2nd offense: Assistant Principal 

    1. Correct situation (send home if necessary)
    2. House Detainment

    3rd offense: Assistant Principal

    1. Home suspension - 2 days
    2. Suspension - 3 days
    3. Refer to Alternative Education Committee