5 Keys to Sucess

  •  5 KEYS


    • Taking home and returning important papers
    • Returning completed homework
    • Taking care of personal items
    • Completing class assignments on time
    • Not making excuses
    • Staying on task in class
    • Following class routine without needing to be told
    • Using free time wisely
    • Doing the right things, even when no one is watching
    • Coming to class on time

    5 KEYS


    • Completing class work neatly and carefully
    • Picking up trash
    • Cleaning up after yourself
    • Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing patriotic songs with respect
    • Respecting the feelings of others
    • Saying positive things
    • Taking care of classroom supplies and technology

    5 KEYS


    • Working out problems on the playground without help from adults
    • Solving problems in a variety of ways
    • Coming up with a new way to complete a problem
    • Accepting different opinions
    • Willingness to try something new
    • Coming up with creative ideas
    • Being OK with a change in routine

    5 KEYS


    • Sharing
    • Helping others without being asked
    • Actively participating in class discussions
    • Having a positive attitude
    • Always trying your best
    • Encouraging others
    • Helping others
    • Working cooperatively in a group

    5 KEYS


    • Knowing where your materials are
    • Keeping your desk neat and organized
    • Keeping your materials where they should be
    • Keeping library neat and organized
    • Keeping track of homework and important papers
    • Being able to do long-term thinking, planning, and completing a project