GATE Program Process

  • The Redlands Unified School District offers a Gifted and Talented Education program designed to provide qualitatively different instructional strategies for students who demonstrate the intellectual capacity that places them among the top three to five percent of students nationwide. 

    What is a differentiated curriculum?
    GATE students will be supported with their unique learning needs through a differentiated curriculum. While the curriculum is the same as that taught to all students, a differentiated curriculum is a process of adapting the curriculum according to the different ability levels of the learners in the classroom. This may look like the following: 

    • Acceleration/Pacing:
      Students are permitted to move faster through the curricular content and are given credit for what they already know.
    • Depth:
      Students are given opportunities to study aspects of the curriculum in greater depth. They become experts in fields of study that link to the core curriculum.
    • Complexity:
      Students are given opportunities to make connections between content areas. Students are taught using an inter-disciplinary approach in order to see the relationships between all areas of study.
    • Novelty:
      Students are given opportunities to share what they know creatively. They are encouraged to present projects that reflect their interests, talents, and abilities.

    What about Middle School GATE students?

    As students enter middle school in 6th grade, GATE students are clustered in regular education courses and provided differentiated instruction. In 7th and 8th grade, students have the option of applying for Honors courses in English and Math at all Middle schools. These courses are offered under the guidance of GATE-certified teachers. Students are placed in these classes based on their academic performance and may use the following for placement: standardized test scores (such as Smarter Balanced test results) and district semester tests and report card grades. This process allows more students to take part in an accelerated program even if they are not identified as GATE students. Students who are identified GATE but are not in the accelerated classes are still considered GATE students and are offered opportunities to participate in other GATE activities (afterschool, mini-courses, etc.). For more information regarding middle school GATE and Honors, please contact the middle school your child will be attending.

    What about High School GATE students?

    High schools throughout California focus on honors and Advanced Placement classes, and additional academic counseling services for their GATE students. The Redlands Unified School District is proud of the high academic standing of our high schools. Many honors and advanced placement classes are offered in a wide variety of subjects. These classes are designed to meet the needs of students who are high performers and divergent thinkers. Advanced Placement classes offer the additional benefit of giving students who pass the exit examinations, credit for these classes at the college and university level. For more information regarding high school GATE and Honors, please contact the high school your child will be attending.