GATE Identification and Testing Schedule

  • In the Redlands Unified School District, students are identified for the GATE program beginning at the end of third grade. Students are served in the GATE program from third grade through twelfth grade. 

    Who can be tested for the GATE program?
    Second and third-grade students will be assessed for identification this year. Selected Fifth-grade students who enrolled in Redlands USD after the 3rd grade testing window and have not been assessed in a previous district may be invited to participate on the make-up date. Permission slips will be sent home in advance to students who meet this criteria.

    How is a student identified for the GATE program?

    In Redlands, students are assessed in three areas:

    • Ability -What is their potential?
    • Achievement - What is their performance?
    • Characteristic Behaviors - What personality and character traits do they have that match them to gifted students?

    The Abilities Assessments:
    Students take one test in each area using the CoGAT online screener of mental ability. 

    • The Cognitive Abilities Test - Verbal Intelligence
    • The Cognitive Abilities Test - Math Intelligence
    • The Cognitive Abilities Test - Spatial Intelligence

    Students who meet the screener threshold will be asked to complete the additional six assessments to acheive an overall composite score. Points will be awarded towards identification based on the overal composite score.

    The Achievement Assessments:
    All students in the Redlands Unified School District take the state Smarter Balanced test. Students can begin accumulating points for their Smarter Balance test scores at 2490 in ELA, and 2501 in Mathematics.  Additionally, achievement is examined via classroom performance.  Teachers complete the Teacher Indicator of Performance (TIP) checklist which provides additional information about classroom performance.

    Characteristic Behavior Scales:
    The third part of the GATE identification process is looking at characteristic behaviors. Both parents and teachers are asked to complete a Characteristic Behavior Scale on each candidate. This information, coupled with special considerations for children with learning disabilities, English language development, and economic disadvantages, create a profile on the candidate. 

    Scores from each of these three assessment pieces are tallied. If a student receives 15 points or more, he/she qualifies for the GATE program.

    Private school students who are intending to enroll at the Redlands Unified School District may be tested at their home school or on the 'Make Up' date shown below. They need to register with the school site ahead of time so that materials will be ready. When parents call the site, record the child’s and parent’s names, date of birth, address, and contact phone number. Then inform Testing and Evaluation at the D.O. so they will send the appropriate number of tests for the scheduled date. Again, it is the responsibility of the parent to get the student to and from the testing location.


    **Information regarding the 2019-20 testing schedule will be available when school resumes.**

GATE 2019-20 Testing Schedule