Breakfast Bible Club Mondays 7:30 a.m. in G-19

  • bible doughnut

    Breakfast Bible club meets before school every Monday morning at 7:30 in Mrs. McCurdy's room,G-19. Everyone is welcome to come join us.  We finish the meeting by 8:20 or earlier.  The members take turns bringing food to share, like doughnuts, muffins, bagels , fruit, and juice. The students will enjoy talking and eating for the first 20 min., then one student will read a verse from the bible and another student will read a short devotional with some questions.  The group will discuss and share ideas with each other.  Most of the devotionals come from a web site designed for youth.  We focuse mostly on the New Testament and how Christ wants us as Christians to live.  We end the meeting by offering up any prayer requests that the students have. It is a great place to share                         your faith, have fun, eat good food, and meet new people.