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     The Redlands Unified School District and Mariposa are committed to the goal of preparing students to participate successfully in a global society.   

    The English Language Acquisition Program will: 

    1:     Enable students to learn English, achieve academic success, and develop greater self-esteem.

    2: Provide multilingual/multicultural opportunities for all students (English Language Learner and English only)

    3:  Empower parents to play an active role in their children's education. 

    4:   Increase public awareness of English language acquisition programs. 

    A consistent program and philosophy of English Language Acquisition will ensure that all students receive equal access to the core curriculum.   

    These objectives for the English Language Acquisition Program are consistent with the letter and spirit of the United States Supreme Court decision of Lau vs. Nichols, as well as Proposition 227 and the Bilingual Education Theoretical Framework developed by the California State Department of Education.