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Degrees and Certifications:

BA - University of Redlands MA- Azusa Pacific University

Mr. Mitchell

Welcome to TechArts. My goal is to show my students the world of technology and how it can be used as a tool to make their lives better and fun. 

The main program we will use this semester is WeVideo. A versatile online program that teaches students the tools used by the movie industry. It is accessible via any internet connection. 



  • Turn in your assignments using Google Classroom submission.


             Step 1: Save your project to your Google Drive folder.

             Step 2: Go to the Google Classroom assignment.

             Step 3. Locate the submit button in the upper right hand corner. Click where it says "Add or Create". Choose Google Drive

             Step 4: You will see a thumbnail of your project in the "recents" section. Double click and it will load into your submission. Do NOT click on submit until you see the thumbnail in the submit box.

             Step 5: Click submit. That's it. You're done.

  • DigitalArts Lessons: Watch and Learn Stuff

  • You will find my lesson instructional videos in the section below. We are experiencing something we have never thought could happen. As a teacher I am excited to see how my program will work in a completly online environment. Though my projects are presented in an online format, I have aways lectured live so I can answer questions and explain in real time the concepts you will learn. To make up for not being with you, I will be hosting Google Meet or Chat sessions to answer your questions live. Lectures will be presented on video as the first video in each project section. How will your weekly schedule look for the next seven or so weeks? 

    Weekly routine:

    • Monday: Project introduction lecture - tutorial video
      • follow the project instructions
    • Monday-Thursday: Work on your project. 
    • Friday: Turn in your project via the Classroom submission link.


  • Projects:

    8.1.30 - Photopea Tutorial

    8.1.40 - Photo repair

    • Lesson Video  >Link<
    • Download the picture below for your project

    Picture to be repaired 

    8.2.10 - Intro to We Video

    8.2.11 - 1000 words

    8.2.20 - Inspirational Video

    8.2.30 - Trick Photography Montage

    8.2.31 - Timing Montage

    8.2.40 - Video Shots

    • Lesson Presentation >Link<

    8.2.41 - The Contest

    8.3.10 - 30 Second Commercial

    • Lesson Presentation >Link<
    • Stock Clips >Link< - Put the clips in order

    8.4.20 - Movie trailer

    • Lesson Presentation >Link<
    • Stock Clips >Link<

    8.4.30 - Tutorial Video

    • Lesson Video >Link
    • Stock Video Clips >Link<

    Sample 1    Sample 2    Sample 3  



    8.4.35- VFX Visual Effects Part 1- (Use the skills you learn from Part 1 to complete Part 2)

    Lesson Tutorial  >Link<

    Sample Video >Link<

    Raw Video Clip >Link< (Download this one)