• REV PTSA March 2020

    Next Meeting March 9, 2020
    Proposed 2020-2021 PTSA Board Members
    President-Bronwyn Petersen
    Vice-President/Membership-Shantell Sunderman
    Parliamentarian-Denise Jury
    Recording Secretary-Jennifer Walker
    Treasurer-Angie Espinoza
    Historian-Linda Cavarno
    Auditor-Alisha Aguilar
    Corresponding Secretary-Amberly Coen

    Questions?  Contact Jennifer Walker at (909) 645-1978 or jennjaw@yahoo.com.


    RAWR!!!  — PTSA met for the monthly Executive Board/Association meeting on January  The next meeting is February 11, 2019; in the Career Center, 3;10 p.m.  (Our meeting would have been February 18, but that is a holiday.). 
    At this meeting, our guests included Deputy David McDermott; Sergeant Hammer; and Corporal “Gabby”.  The officers gave us a full report of the security on campus.  They did also request help from the PTSA in terms of equipment and supplies (listed below).  Deputy McDermott and Sergeant Hammer stated they would like to have PTSA join with them and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and Redlands Police Department to stage an “Active Shooter” drill.  It would entail 100 students with proper waivers from parents; street closures; many many law enforcement officers; and flash bombs with real noises.  They have participated in these drills before and found them to be successful in getting information out to parents, teachers, and students.  
    Security also asked PTSA to partner with them in sponsoring a mini conference (three hours) where officers from all over the Southern California area come to our campus, given breakfast and snacks (provided by PTSA) in the Wildcat Cafe; a speaker is provided; and then a tour is led by Deputy McDermott to get input from all officers to better secure our campus.  The date has been set for Tuesday, April 2, 2019; 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  Deputy McDermott will chair this event and we will talk about details in upcoming meetings.  He will also give me a list of “law enforcement-friendly” restaurants — these restaurants give huge discounts and in many cases, free-catered events for law enforcement conferences and assemblies!
    REV PTSA supports our Campus Security Team and hopes to partner with them in future projects.
    SERVICE OPPORTUNITY:  As you know, WASC preparation meetings have been ongoing monthly.  We have many PTSA Board members present at these meetings. Mrs. Obregon would like volunteers to meet and greet the WASC Committee members on Sunday, March 3, 2019; 1 p.m. Please let me know if you can sign up.  More details will follow.
    As to our Board reports, I have the following: 
    1. Minutes –  Shantell Sunderman, Recording Secretary
    Shantell could not be present as she had jury duty.  Debbie Underwood stepped in as Recording Secretary for this meeting — Thank you very much, Deb!  
    2. Treasurer’s Report - Cass Hawkins (Deposits, Bills, etc.).   Cass and Angie Espinoza (Auditor) have been working together to get all necessary documents for our audit.  They are also working together to get our taxes done.
    3. Membership - Denise Jury (Updated numbers). I believe membership is at 205.  Please encourage parents/students/teachers to join.  You can now join with your ATM/Credit Card.  The website is Totem and is under “Reminders” on the first page.  Anyone can join at any time — all throughout the year.  Donations can also be given on this website.  We also have membership envelopes available in the front office.  Remember, any senior who would like to be considered for one of four $500-REV PTSA scholarships needs to be a current member.  
    ****IMPORTANT:  Seniors, if you wish to 
    be considered for one of four $500 REV PTSA 
    scholarships, you must be a member of PTSA.
    There is no time limit to join.  You can become 
    a member any time****
    4. Historian - Debbie Underwood (Printout of Raptor)
    Debbie has been keeping track of our volunteer/service hours.  We recently discovered when a parent checks into the school with the Raptor System, please tell the office attendant to put you down as a parent for an “event”.   Mr. Kroetz, Vice Principal, will then print out a copy of all those listed under “event” and it will go to Debbie who then will enter that information on our volunteer tally sheet.
    5. Auditor - Angie Espinoza (Auditor) Angie and Cass have been working together to ensure our financial records are up to date.
    6. Corresponding Secretary - Amberly Coen (Letters, etc.)  Amberly hasn’t received any correspondence.  The mail usually comes to my home, but she is at every meeting with a smile and is always willing to help.
    7. Parliamentarian -  Jennifer Walker (Bylaws return). Our updated bylaws have not yet returned from State/Fifth District.  I spoke with Redlands Council of PTA’s Parliamentarian, Catherine Schreiber, who said she will keep me up to date when and if she hears anything.  In the meantime, we are to run our PTSA with our current bylaws.  Also, Jennifer is the head of our Nominating Committee.  She will be in charge of choosing three individuals to fill positions for next year.  Please notify REV PTSA you wish to serve on the board next year.
    8. Grad Nite – Brandi Edmunds (Magic Mountain Contract, payments, dates). Brandi has signed a contract with Magic Mountain for June 6, 2016.  Brandi was extremely diligent in trying to get the dates the Seniors requested from Disneyland.  Disneyland was only able to offer REV a different date with tickets for only 150 students.  We anticipate 300 students attending.   Brandi found a great deal from Magic Mountain:  Early admission; All-You-Can-Eat Meal; Grad Nite Souvenir; Six Flags Photo Voucher; Six Flags Grad Pass. Also given is one chaperone ticket per ten-paid students and free bus parking.   The event is from  9 p.m. to 5 a.m.  The ticket cost has not been established  $121, included buses.  Brandi is also working on a presentation and has had a banner made.  A three-monthly payment plan has been scheduled for February 11($40); March 11($40); and April 15($41).  Brandi and I will set up a table in the office and collect payments the mornings of the days mentioned.
    9. College Fair - Tanna Guilliam (Completion of College Fair; Finals’ snacks).  Tanna provided our traditional baskets of snacks for our teachers and staff!  I cannot express my thanks enough for you, Tanna!  The teachers were absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude!  We placed the snacks in the attendance office and on the big conference table in front of the principal’s office.  Tanna had all kinds of goodies:  Peanuts, water, and especially chocolate — in all forms!  Tanna has provided all receipts and has been reimbursed for her great shopping choices!  Thanks again, Tanna!
    10.  Bricks for Education - Melissa Campos (Price, Installation, Dates, etc.). Melissa has updated our order form and it is available in the front office.  Bricks are now $45 each.  We have 21 bricks that have been purchased and are currently being engraved.  As soon as they are finished from the engraver, I will let everyone know and we can make a service project out of it!  The bricks are installed on the attendance window wall and also on the wall across from attendance.
    11.  Reflections - Amy Strong. Amy led a very strong and well-organized  Reflections program for REV.  We had many talented students in all different areas of Reflections.  The Excellence recipients went up to Fifth District.  The Excellence recipients at Fifth District level have been chosen and are going to state.  Eight of them are from Redlands School District in which the following are from REV:  Music:  First Place, Zachary Dennert; Literature: First Place, Helen Poggi; Photography, Colin Hawkins, 3rd Place.  The two first place recipients will now go up to state competition!  Congratulations!  This is extremely exciting!!!!
    12.  Disaster Preparedness - Linda Cavarno (Two Eagle Scout Projects, etc.). Linda has been to all disaster preparedness meetings held on campus.  Mr. Kroetz is the administrator in charge of these meetings.  All projects have to be approved by him.  Linda’s son, Timmy, started his project during the vacation.  He collected all Disaster Preparedness kits and buckets, opened them and restocked them.  As predicted, we are short many kits and buckets.  Timmy is working to gather more donations and buckets.  I will let everyone know when Timmy has another service day.  Thank you to all those who participated!  We had a good turnout of volunteers!  Akul Gupta is another Eagle Scout who is in contact with Mr. Kroetz to gather items for our emergency land-and-sea container.  
    13. Hospitality - Kris Miles (Staff Breakfast) Kris commanded an extraordinary breakfast which included egg dishes, hot chocolate, and homemade waffles.  An opportunity drawing was also held for teachers and staff in which Kris designed and made 35 different items which were also used as table decorations.  This was a huge success!  Many of the winning items are displayed in classrooms; such as, signs with “#the REV way” and other spirit items.  The teachers and staff were very honored and overjoyed to attend and feast and visit with colleagues.  REV PTSA is still receiving thank you notes and emails.
    14.  Honorary Service - Jenny Miner (Update). Jenny will be sending out Honorary Service applications after the new year.  If you feel anyone — parent, teacher, student, staff — is entitled to this prestigious award, please fill out the application and submit it to Jenny.
    15.  Scholarship/School Site Council - Bronwyn Petersen (Update). Bronwyn has submitted the paperwork and check ($2,000) to Redlands Scholarship Federation.  She will be contacted to select recipients in March.  Bronwyn is also on School Site Council and attends all meetings.  
    Ongoing Projects/Gifts to School - 
    1. The ice machine is up and running!  PTSA allocated $4,000, and RUSD allocated $2,000 to purchase and install an ice machine in the Wildcat Cafe.  THIS MACHINE IS FOR ALL TO USE — whether a banquet, an event, team, cheerleading, theater, band, or any other school practices — all are welcomed to the ice!   My hope is REV PTSA to work with Child Nutritional Services on many projects!  
    2. Scoreboards — There’s ongoing discussion about a temporary, movable scoreboard for soccer and football and a scoreboard for the gym.
    3.  A request has come in for extra-large pop-up tents for campus.  These tents will be used at school events; such as, cross-country, track, football, all sporting events, on-campus food fairs, Freshmen Orientation, Back-to-School Night, etc. Security will take charge of these tents and the different organizations will need to check them out and make sure they are returned to Security safe and sound. We hope to purchase more than one; perhaps three or four.  These are sorely needed and PTSA hopes this will enhance a spirit of camaraderie with the different clubs, teams, and organizations on campus!  Research is being done right now to determine cost. 
     4. A need has arisen for our band/chorus department.  The request is for approximately 140 specially-made chairs for students who either sing in the choir or play an instrument while sitting down.  These chairs ensure better posture and performance.  Research is being done on cost.  I have also found a REP Foundation grant I’m going to submit for this purchase. 
    5. Security had also requested lockers.  PTSA purchased three sets, totaling nine lockers.   The security office will use these in order to store their gear, which needs to be kept locked.   Two hand-held Breathalyzers were also purchased for Security by PTSA.  The REV campus is also acquiring an added security guard who will need a bicycle.  Research is being done on cost.  I anticipate it would be around $1,800.  Other requested items by security are recording devices; flashlights; bicycle tubes, tires, odometers; two single tents; battery chargers; blow horns; etc.
    7. You may have seen small brackets displayed above teachers’ doors.  REV PTSA has purchased college/university flags to be placed on these brackets.  The flags will represent the college or university attended by that particular teacher.   It is our hope this will continue to promote further education on our campus.
    8.  PTSA now owns forty tablecloths — round and rectangular — in black, red, and white.  I sent a letter to administration to circulate to all teachers and staff that we are willing to share the tablecloths to all organizations on campus.  A sign-up sheet is next to the tablecloths in the workroom across from the principal’s office.  This has been utilized now several times by different teachers and staff.  Many thanks have been given to the PTSA!
    9.  Karl Rubow, a professional artist, and a future REV parent has agreed to paint a REVWAY mural in our teacher training room, D-148.  Paint and supplies will be purchased by the PTSA and Mr. Rubow has agreed to gift his talent to REV!  He will have five children attending REV for the next 13 years, starting next year with his oldest daughter, Addie.
    Other gift-to-school ideas include:  Water dispensers that students are able to refill water bottles; murals in cafeteria;  recycle cans; tack strips to hang posters.  ANY SUGGESTIONS are fully appreciated!
    At the end of this letter, you will find “#theREVWAY” and 
    “Student Learner Outcomes” (SLO’s).  I have been remiss in not mentioning these very important documents at our meetings.  “#theREVWAY” pertains to the behavior expected on our campus and the SLO’s refer to academic learning.  
     If your child is in need of recording service hours, a volunteer tally sheet called “Time Out for Teens” under the “Counselor” icon, then under “Community Service” is available on the website.  Here is a copy — (Remember, a white Varsity letter can be earned) —:







    AUGUST 23, 2019

    Redlands East Valley High School 

    31000 E. Colton Ave

    Redlands, CA  92374


    The REV PTSA will be holding a Special Association  Meeting at 3:10 p.m. on August 23, 2019.  The purpose of the special meeting is to vote on the budget for the 2019-2020 school year and to vote on an incentive for the PTSA membership drive.  (A quorum of 14 needed.)




    Respectfully Submitted, 




    Laura Mapes

    REV PTSA President