• U.S. History Sample Topics

    • The Canandaigua Treaty of 1794: Compromise
    After Conflict

    • The Government Versus the Farmers: George
    Washington’s Lack of Compromise in the
    Whiskey Rebellion

    • The Treaty of Mortefontaine: Compromise to End the

    • The Second Great Awakening: Religious Conflict
    Driving Social Compromises

    • Conflicting Ideas over Religion: New Immigrants
    Challenging the Protestant Ideal

    • Fighting in World War I and Not Compromising Ideals:
    The Harlem Hellfighters

    • The Conflict of Monopoly and the Compromise of
    the National Association of Theatre Owners

    • Social Conflict During War: Japanese Internment

    • Conflicting Opinions, Compromised Values:
    The Vietnam Generation

    • Rodgers and Hammerstein: From Lighthearted
    Musicals to Serious Social Issues

    • Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Wall

    • The Camp David Accords

    • Theodore Roosevelt and the Completion of the
    Panama Canal

    • The Connecticut Compromise: The Prevention
    of Conflict

    • Opposing the War of 1812: The Hartford Convention

    • No Taxation Without Representation: The Failed
    Compromise That Led to a Revolution

    • Conflict in Salem: The Witchcraft Trials

    • Preventing Conflict: The Compromise of 1850

    • Antebellum Politics: The Nullification Controversy

    • The Revolution of 1800

    • The New York City Draft Riot of 1863

    • The Indian Removal Act of 1830

    • Reconstruction: Conflict and Compromise
    in the South

    • The Compromise of 1877

    • The Pullman Strike

    • The Silver Question: Farmers Versus Industrialists

    • The Burlingame Treaty and Chinese Exclusion

    • The Big Three: Conflict and Compromise at Yalta

    • Dollar Diplomacy: Ending Conflicts Through
    Economic Investment

    • UAW v. General Motors: Sit Down for Compromise

    • Conscientious Objectors in World War II

    • Taking the Fight off the Ice: The Creation of
    the NHLPA

    • The Truman Doctrine

    • The Marshall Plan

    • The Compromise to End All Conflict:
    The Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928

  • European History Sample Topics

    • The End of Compromise: Boudicca’s Fight

    Against Rome

    • Charlemagne’s Conquest and the Spread of
    Architectural Ideas

    • The Crusades: No Compromise for Faith

    • Martin Luther’s Refusal to Compromise His Ideals

    • Otto von Bismarck and the Unification of Germany

    • The Congress of Vienna: The Legacy of
    Napoleon’s Downfall

    • The Edict of Nantes: Compromise to End Conflict

    • For the Sake of Divorce: Henry VIII Versus Rome

    • Bloody Mary: A Catholic Who Refused to Compromise

    • Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I: Conflicts
    and Compromises

    • Conflict at Sea: How the British Defeat of the Spanish
    Armada Changed the Face of Naval Warfare

    • Isabella, Ferdinand, and the Spanish Reconquista

    • Galileo: The Conflict and Compromise Between
    Science and Catholicism

    • The Division of Berlin After World War II

    • The Castle Hill Rebellion: Conflict Without Compromise

    • The European Coal and Steel Community That Led to
    a Union

    • George Fox and the Quakers: Conflict with Society,
    Compromise with a New Faith

    • Selling Souls for Sugar: Slavery and the Sugar Islands

    • The Conflicts and Compromises Needed to Unify Italy

    • The Munich Agreement: Appeasing Conflict

    • The Treaty of Versailles: Prelude to the SecondWorld War

    • Emmeline Pankhurst and Her Militant Struggle for
    Suffrage in Great Britain

    • Henry II and Thomas Becket: A Conflict That Led
    to Compromise

    • Catherine de’ Medici and the Huguenots

    • Conflict and Compromise in the Restoration of King
    Charles II of England

    • The Troubles: The Conflict and Compromise of Ireland

    • The Glorious Revolution: A Conflict That Led to the
    English Bill of Rights

    • The Treaty of Madrid: The Compromise to End Conflict

    • The Treaty of Paris: The Uneasy Peace of the Seven
    Years’ War

    • Settlement of New Land: Conflict and Compromise
    of the Treaty of Tordesillas


    World History Sample Topics

    • The Unbalanced Compromises of the Opium Wars

    • King Rajaraja Chola I Conquers Ceylon

    • Buddhism and Hinduism: Conflicting Ideas and
    Their Cultural Impacts

    • Sikhs and Hindus: A History of Conflict
    and Compromise

    • The Forced Compromise of the Boer Wars

    • Conflicts over Religious Interpretation: Sunnis and
    Shi’ites in Islamic Tradition

    • Conflicts over Borders Necessitate Compromise:
    The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971

    • Constantine’s Conflict and Compromise over the
    Date of Christmas

    • The Paris Peace Accords: Compromises to End the
    Vietnam War

    • The Conflict and Compromise of Repatriation
    of Ancient Artifacts: Howard Carter and King
    Tut’s Treasure

    • Athens, Sparta, and the Battle of Marathon

    • The Rule of Akbar: “The Great Mughal” over India

    • The Establishment of the Manchu Dynasty in China

    • The Japanese Constitution of 1889

    • The Crimean War

    • The Six-Day War

    • Colonization Conflicts: King Leopold’s Vision
    in the Congo

    • Resolution 181: The Conflict and Compromise of
    Creating a Nation

    • United Nations Peacekeeping Missions: Compromising
    to Avoid Conflict

    • The Iran Hostage Crisis: Coming to a Compromise

    • Nelson Mandela and the Fight for Equality in
    South Africa

    • “Men and women are equal; everyone is worth his
    (or her) salt”: Mao Zedong’s New Marriage Law

    • Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan: Ending
    the Cold War Through Conflict and Compromise

    • King Bhumibol of Thailand: The Conflict and the
    Compromise of General Srimuang

    • Desmond Tutu’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    • Zapatista National Liberation Army and the Conflict
    and Compromise of the 1994 North American Free
    Trade Agreement

    • The Conflict and Compromise That Led to Rwanda’s
    Arusha Accords

    • The Conflict of Blood Diamonds and the Compromise
    of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

    • The Internal Settlement: Conflict in Rhodesia Leads
    to the Compromise of Zimbabwe

    • Filipino Insurrection: Compromise with America to
    Win a Conflict Against Spain