Academic Case Carrier Program Description

  • The Academic Case Carrier Program is specifically designed to improve the achievement of targeted populations  - such as Foster Youth - by adding academic and/or social and emotional support.  Academic Case Carriers will support a caseload of approximately 50 Foster Youth and at-risk students by connecting with the students, providing information, and advocating for them.

    The Academic Case Carriers will also place a primary focus on improving achievement for our Foster and at-risk youth by conducting initial and ongoing evaluations, working with the students’ academic counselors at their respective high schools to help determine the needs and track the progress of the students, helping to facilitate tutoring services, collaborating with the teachers and staff, and helping the students look to the future – whether that is college, a technical career, or the military.   

    Each Academic Case Carrier will serve as an advocate for a small group of Foster and at-risk youth.   

    The role of the Academic Case Carriers will be to:

    • Connect students to school, district, and community resources
    • Work with families, Educational Rights Holders, parents and guardians regarding academic and support strategies
    • Ensure important service providers are included in school meetings
    • Follow up on Special Education services and modifications (when and where needed)

    Additionally, Academic Case Carriers will:

    • Work with site and district athletic directors to ensure students have the opportunity to try out for sports
    • Work with site ASB Directors and counselors to ensure students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities, clubs, etc.