• How to use Flash Cards

    Start with 5-6 cards.  Once your child has learned 4 of those, add another 5 and so on until they have memorized all of them.

    For a quick run through, go through quickly making 2 piles. Any that they get correct automatically, the first time, without hints goes in one pile. The other cards go in the 2nd pile. Then practice the second pile 2-3 more times.

    Please do not spend more than 5-7 minutes on flash cards as it often causes frustration. Instead do short periods of time as often as possible.

    Even better: Make practicing a game!

    • Print 2 sets of cards and play memory
    • Play Candyland and before each turn they have to read 3 flash cards 
    • Write letters or words in flour or sidewalk chalk
    • Use playdoh or yarn to make letters or words
    • Use stairs – every card they get right, they go up a stair. If not, they stay put or lose a stair
    • Play basketball -- every card they get right, they can shoot a basket