COVID-19 Update-Work Permits 

    Need a work permit ? REV students who are under 18 and have an offer of employment MUST have a work permit in order to start working. If you have a GPA of at least a 1.5 and less than 60 period absences then you are eligible for a work permit. 

    Complete the attached B1-1 work permit application in full and then email Mrs. Fairbanks at Vanessa_Fairbanks@redlands.k12.ca.us to complete the work permit process. Work permits are issued twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY and it is critical that you follow all instructions. Please email Mrs. Fairbanks with any questions.

    Work Permit Application: Work Permit Application B1-1

    DO NOT EMAIL YOUR APPLICATION!!!! She will send you further directions on how to complete the work permit process. This is the only way to obtain a work permit during school closure.


    RUSD Work Permit Policies 

    To obtain a valid work permit, a student must meet the following requirements:

    1. Student has been offered a job.

    2. Student and employer must have fully completed a Request for a Work Permit (B1-1) form (green paper).

    3. Student must meet the minimum requirements necessary to receive the work permit.

    GPA Attendance/Type of Permit

    2.0 or greater 60 absences or less Regular

    2.0 or greater 100 absences or less Probationary

    1.5 or greater 60 absences or less Probationary

    ALL period absences, except for school activities, count in the overall absence totals.

    4. Student must turn in the completed B1-1 form at his/her high school, or the designated summer location, for processing.

    NOTE: Allow 24-48 hours for fully processing a work permit.



    > The week of Thanksgiving Break.

    > The three weeks of Winter Break.

    > The two weeks of Spring Break.

    > The three weeks directly following summer school.

    NOTE: Students who need a work permit prior to a holiday break, must have his/her completed B1-1 submitted no later than 2:30 PM on the Wednesday directly preceding the designated break.