Peachjar Uploading Requirements

  • Flyers approved for distribution must:

    • Be in portrait orientation and not exceed 8.5 x 11” dimensions.
    • Contain clear and legible text in size 12 font or larger.
    • Be in PDF format and less than 50 MB.
    • Be 1-4 pages in length (required) in 1 (one) PDF file. Learn more about how to send longer flyers.
    • Not be a scanned or copied document.
    • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity to include accurate date and time (if applicable).
    • Contain clip art only- no images of RUSD students.
    • All district and school-approved uploaders shall include an English and Spanish version of their flyers and upload it as 1 (one) PDF file.
    • All other enrichment providers and community organizations shall include an English and Spanish version of their flyers and upload it as 1 (one) PDF file for district-wide distribution or distribution at any of the following schools:
      • Franklin Elementary School
      • Lugonia Elementary School
      • Mentone Elementary School
      • Victoria Elementary School
      • Clement Middle School
      • Moore Middle School
      • Citrus Valley High School
      • Redlands East Valley High School
      • Orangewood High School


    The Redlands Unified School District (RUSD) Director, English Learners and Parent Engagement Educational Services – Sonya Balingit, and school site designees may approve the electronic distribution of materials from community organizations/agencies to our families through Peachjar, Inc., based on the following guidelines:

    RUSD approves the distribution of flyers that promote:

    • Educational events aligned to the District’s strategic plan, vision, mission, and core values for the betterment of student learning
    • Healthy and wholesome enrichment opportunities that support education beyond the classroom
    • Leisure activities for our students and families sponsored by organizations/agencies that support our schools or district
      • Events or activities must be free or have scholarship opportunities

    RUSD does not approve the distribution of:

    • Materials for projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a particular political party, political organization, political candidate or political viewpoint.
    • Materials for projects, activities or programs that would publicize or promote a particular church, religious organization or religious viewpoint.
    • Materials for events deemed not suitable for children.
    • Materials that would position the district on any side of a controversial issue.
    • Materials that promote the use or sale of materials or services that are illegal or inconsistent with school objectives, including, but not limited to, materials or advertisements for tobacco, intoxicants, and movies or products unsuitable for children.

    Approval of your flyer does not imply RUSD endorsement of any identified product and/or service. The District Qualifier will automatically be included on the flyer.

    *** RUSD reserves the right to revoke privileges from a community/agency program provider if, after distribution of a flyer, it is found to have been promoting an activity that does not align with the guidelines for distribution (e.g. activity as described in the flyer was not what actually occurred).


    Your flyer will be automatically submitted to District staff. District staff will review the material and approve or deny flyers based on the guidelines and requirements above. Flyers will be approved every Friday. If Friday falls on a holiday, flyers will be approved the Thursday before. Flyers will not be approved during District designated holidays or breaks. During those times, flyers will be approved the day before the holiday and the first day that the District reopens. Please make sure that your flyers have been submitted at least one week prior to an event date. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents, posted online and the free RUSD app. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed at our schools.

    For Questions about Peachjar:

    If you have any questions regarding getting started, please call 877-402-1786, email, or visit

    View How to Get Started (PDF file)