• Course Descriptions

    Computer Science CP

    Computer Science CP is an introduction to computer science and computational thinking for all students interested in developing web sites and software applications, not just using them. Through a project-oriented approach, students will learn the fundamental concepts and tools for developing websites using HTML (the language used to structure web pages and online content), CSS (the language used to give a website its form and visual style), and JavaScript ("the programming language of the web").

    Students will also explore a variety of programming systems and languages, employing both procedural computer programming and the basics of object-oriented programming to create interactive applications and systems. By collaborating in a hands-on environment, students will learn problem solving, software design, debugging strategies, and the foundations of computer science (input, processing, output, simple and complex functions, decision structures, Boolean logic, algorithms, exception handling and persistence of data). Students will work on projects (both individual and team) using open-source software tools such as Alice, Scratch, and Python.

    CompSci CP is a one-year course. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared to enter AP Computer Science which focuses on the complexities of object-oriented design using JAVA. Computer Science CP is a UC/CSU approved course (Area G).

    Website Design

    Website Design introduces students to the world of publishing on the World Wide Web. "WSD" is a technical course in which students learn to use HTML, XHTML, and CSS to create web sites. Students will use a basic plain text editor to code their web sites. This class is taught using Dell PCs running Windows 10 Pro, but all software is available for all computing platforms.

    There is no prerequisite course for "WsD." However, it is expected that students will be comfortable with the following technical skills prior to taking this class:

    • Saving, opening, renaming, and moving individual files;
    • Opening, closing, resizing, and moving windows;
    • Creating and organizing bookmarks/favorites in a web browser;
    • Searching the WWW using a search tool like Google or Bing;
    • Basic keyboarding skills (10-15 words per minute while NOT looking at the keyboard).

    AP Computer Science A

    Prerequisite: Computer Science CP or AP Computer Science Principles and permission of instructor

    The AP Computer Science A course is designed for the in-depth study of a number of topics in computer science and software engineering, including problem analysis, design of algorithms, data structures, control structures, and writing computer programs using the Java programming language.

    Advanced topics in the course include object-oriented programming, recursion, and searching and sorting algorithms. The course will be centered on the College Board's AP Computer Science A curriculum, with supplementary study of graphical interfaces, game design, design and use of databases, designing and coding for the web, and technology in modern culture.

    Assignments, projects, and assessments will be both hand-written and coded on computers, and will range from short, individual assignments to long-term, team-based projects. Although some time in class will be available for working on assignments, students will spend significant time outside of class completing assignments. Taking the AP Computer Science A examination is a requirement of the course. Computer Science CP is a UC/CSU approved course (Area G: College-preparatory Elective).