• Third and Fourth Grade are both full of exciting topics! This year, we will continue using Math in Focus. We will cover concepts such as place value, mulitplication, division, fractions, money, and weight and capacity. Third grade will be working hard to memorize multiplication facts and fourth grade will be focusing on division facts.

    In language arts, we will complete several Novel Studies. We will focus on perspective, point of view, inference, sequence, structure, and so much more. We will learn grammar in the context of the novels we read and the stories and essays we write. Our writing program will emphasize writing in a way that is meaningful and relevant to our class. We will write short responses to books or information learned, as well as dialogue jornals, narratives, research reports, and pesrsuasvie essays.

    In science, we will cover topics such as forces and intereactions, interdependent relationships in ecosystems, life cycles and traits, weather and climate, energy, waves, and earth's systems. In class we will participate in STEAM activities and in the spring you will be able to showcase your talents in the Science Fair.

    In social studies, we will use TCI. We will cover topics such as land and water, California Indians, California Missions, rules and laws, and our region's economy and government. We will complete several projects throughout the year to share with the class.

    There is so much happening this year! I'm looking forward to helping you all become the best you can be!