RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

    Mrs. Safranek has been practicing yoga since 2003.  She holds two certificates from University California Riverside in "Yoga Theory and Practice," as well as, "Fundamentals of Yoga."  She is also Yoga Alliance Certified and has been teaching yoga to adolescents since 2007.  Her focus is on stress management and wellbeing.

    Yoga classes will resume on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00pm in C-4 on August 20! 

    Tentative Yoga Schedule for '19-'20 

    August 20 – Welcome to yoga! Let’s try a gentle flow to get moving!

    August 27 – It’s the end of the month! Time to regroup with restoratives!


    September 3 – Shall we play with arm balances? They help with focus and concentration!

    September 10 – This week’s focus will be on alignment!

    September 17 – Let’s do it right! Alignment is our focus this week!

    September 24 – Restoratives! Let’s relax!


    October 1 – Strengthen your core!

    October 8 – Let’s look at the world upside down! Inversions!

    October 15 – Twist out that stress!

    October 22 – Open your heart to all the world has to offer!

    October 29 – Need a break from life? Come to restoratives!


    November 5 – Time for arm balances! Let’s fly!

    November 12 – Release emotion with hip openers!

    November 19 – Ah! Let’s let go of our problems and melt!


    December 3 – Rest, relax, and regroup before finals!


    January 7 – Start the new year off right! Let’s get stable!

    January 14 – It’s cold outside! Warm up with this flowing winter class!

    January 21 – You can be a kid again! Let’s balance!

    January 28 – Let’s get sleepy and cozy! Restore yourself with restoratives!


    February 4 - In honor of Valentine's Day, let's do some heart openers! Love yourself, love others!

    February 11 - Twist and shout! Get it all out!

    February 18 - Well, President's Day is the 20th. How about some strong standing poses to increase balance, concentration, and strength? See you then!

    February 25 - The month is ending! Let's finish on a calm relaxing note! Restoratives!


    March 3 – The focus will be balance! Come find balance in your body and life!

    March 10 – Backbends! What fun!

    March 31 - Ah . . . its that time again – restoratives!


    April 7 – Come enjoy a gentle vinyasa flow and let go of that stress!

    April 14- Backbends are here! This session should help you gain energy and keep your brain and heart healthy!

    April 21 - Come squeeze that tension out with twists!

    April 23- Working on finding balance in life? This is the class for you!

    April 28 - Restoratives for the end of a long and wonderful month! We will not meet this day.


    May 5 – Since we were unable to meet last week, let’s start this month with restoratives!

    May 12 – Release stress and anxiety with hip openers!

    May 19 – Come see the world from a different point of view with inversions!

    May 26 – End the year on a positive note with, my favorite, restoratives!