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    In efforts to reduce paper and make registration a more efficient process, each summer you will be asked to review and update your student's demographic and contact data online. You'll also read through the school policies and information. 
    Second, You must have a Parent Portal account and must be an "Educational Rights Holder" in order to confirm your student's data.  A Student Account will not work.  If you are not an "Educational Rights Holder", you must contact your school site with proper documentation so they can change your contact information.
    Next, Click on the Student Info tab, then select Data Confirmation
    Step 1: Complete the Family Information: Active Military & State-Mandated Residency survey (Click Confirm and Continue)
    Step 2: Review the student demographic data the district has on file (Click Confirm and Continue)
    Step 3: Review the contact information by clicking on the contact, then using the Change or Add buttons to update as needed (Click Confirm and Continue)
    Step 4: Review and complete the medical history page by adding the insurance and doctor's information in the comment field, then review or update any medical conditions (Click Confirm and Continue)
    Step 5: Review the school policies and indicate that you have read them (Click Confirm and Continue)
    Step 6: Assign appropriate authorizations (Click Confirm and Continue)
    Step 7: Click Confirm and Continue, then select Print Emergency Card OR Ticket to Registration depending on your school site.
    The final step will be to print the emergency form or the ticket to registration, initial, and sign.
    Then your student needs to bring that to school following your specific school's procedures.  Those are often mailed and/or posted on your school's website.

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