• Beaker Tongs

    Beaker Tongs

    Beaker tongs are designed to safely handle hot beakers. Beaker tongs should be manipulated with just one hand gripping them like scissors. The tongs should be placed at the middle of the beaker.

    Beaker tongs are not to be used for any other glassware.



    Crucible TongsCrucible Tongs

     Crucible tongs are plier-like tools used for a variety of tasks in the lab. Obviously, based on their name, their primary purpose relates to working with hot crucibles. The notches in the arms allow for picking up crucibles (points up for this process), and the tips may be used for placing or removing the crucible cover (points down for this process). 

    They are also used for holding objects during direct heating or during any process where an object cannot be held directly in a safe manner.


    Test Tube Tongs

    Test Tube Tongs As the name implies, test tube tongs are used to hold test tubes in cases where they cannot be held directly, as during heating. The tongs use a spring closure to hold the test tube in place and are opened by pinching the sides of the clamp together. Correct placement is approximately 2-3 cm below the mouth of the test tube.

    When using test tube tongs to heat a test tube, the test tube should always be held so that the mouth of the tube points away from all people at the lab station. If heating with direct flame, the flame should not be allowed to contact the metal of the tongs to prevent overheating and possible burns. 

    Test tube tongs are not useful for any other applications in the laboratory due to their relative weak grip. 

    Utility TongsUtility Tongs

    Utility tongs