• Every middle school year of mathematics is intended to develop the foundations for success at the high school level.  Succeeding each year, 6th through 8th, builds a complete and solid foundation for high school.  

    This is an outline of the 8th grade mathematics course that is intended to prepare students for 9th grade Mathematics I.  

    I. Module 1 - Geometry

         A. Rigid Motion Transformations

         B. Similarity

         C. Line and Angle Relationships  

    II. Module 2 - Algebra and Statistics 

         A. From Proportions to Linear Relationships

         B. Linear Relationships

         C. Introduction to Functions

         D. Patterns in Bivarate Data

    III. Module 3 - Algebra

         A. Solving Linear Equations

         B. Systems of Linear Equations

    IV. Module 4 - Number Theory and Geometry

         A. The Real Number System

         B. Pythagorean Theorem

    V. Module 5 - Algebra and Geometry

         A. Exponents and Scientific Notation

         B. Volume of Curved Figures