• What is Microgravity Presentation

    Mr. DeVoe's Powerpoint presentation using Zero g Video to explain microgravity and what forces no longer are acting.

     What can we do? Presentation

    Mr DeVoe's Powerpoint presentation listing limitations of space hardware, lab materials and astronaut interaction for SSEP experiment and how to overcome them by using a hack.

    Possible SSEP Experiment List

    Mr. DeVoe's list from Flinn catalogue of biology and chemistry kits that may be used or modified for use for SSEP experiments.

    Proposal Guide

    This SSEP document describes the 5 sections of your proposal and gives the essential questions that will need to be answered in your 5 beautiful pages of text.

    Mr. DeVoe's Interpretation of the SSEP Proposal

    My interpretation of what is being asked for in sections 4 and 5 of the SSEP proposal along with assignment for writing these sections of your report


    Master list of flown materials

    This document lists the organisms, chemicals and materials that have flown or have been ok'd to fly in past SSEP experiments.  It is a good place to get ideas about what you want to base your question on.

    Student Proposal Guide

    Document provides overview of program including how proposal is scored by level one and level two review boards.

    Biologics in Space

    Document describes usual protocol for biologic samples and experiments for previous SSP experiments.  Different nutrient media and fixatants are described.


    Algae Articles:  Read the following to update yourself on the state of the science at present.

    Power Point for Previous SSEP Algae Experiment

    Algae and Hydrogen Article

    Space Algae