• This is an outline of the 8th grade C-STEM Programing intended to provide a foundation for Computer Science and Computer Applications at the high school level.   This course will give students the background for courses like Operation Coding, CyberSecurity, Webpage Development and other computer applications.  Do to our distance learning requirements, our ability to work with Linkbots, Arduinos, and electronic breadboards for building circuits will be limited to the virtual.  We will do as much math, virtual robotics, and virtual design as possible.  We will also use programming to study mathematics.  We will jump between 7th and 8th grade text materials inorder to follow our distance learning scope & sequence.  We will first have to start with programming in order to be able to build and run programs that demonstrate our mathematical understanding which is detailed below. 

      I. Getting Started with Ch Programing & Programming Linkbots

         A. Getting Started with ChIDE & Linkbots

         B. Executing Programming Statements & Expressions in Ch

     II. Variable, Data Types, & Input/Output for Computer & Linkbots

         A. Commonly Used Data Types & Declaration of Variables

         B. Formated Input & Output 

         C. Solving Applied Problems including with Arduino & Linkbots

         D. Debugging Programs in ChIDE

    III. Operators & Expressions and Robot Programs with RoboBlockly

    IV. Graphical Visulizations and  Drawing with RoboBlockly

    V. Relations & Making Decisions and Robot Programming with RoboBlockly

         A. Relational Operators

         B. Logical Operators

    VI. Loops for Repetition & Random Numbers including with RoboBlockly