Digital Citizenship Education

  • Orangewood High School recognizes that our students and families are navigating the digital world in new ways everyday! To support students in the endeavor to be educated users of digital media, we have adopted a Digital Citizenship Vision Statement.

    • Orangewood High School is dedicated to teaching students how to navigate the world of social media and technology, how to use technology as a tool for personal growth and knowledge, and how to positively impact the world around them through social media and the internet.  We will utilize the Common Sense Media Education © platform for instruction in a variety of classes to emphasize the importance and value of becoming responsible digital citizens. 

    Orangewood students complete a series of lessons through Common Sense Media Education in their Advisory classes. If you would like more information on Common Sense Media, here is a link to the website. Common Sense Media Education

    You are also invited to explore the website for more information on how parents can support their child's digital school experience.