Back to School Night Information



    Homework will begin on Monday, August 23rd.  It will come home in a Kimberly Folder with your child's name on it.  It will consist of a 1/2 page of math practice, spelling practice with a test every Friday, sight word practice and nightly reading.  The reading will be paper copies of 4 stories that need to be practiced each night.  The total amount of work should take a maximum of 30 minutes per night.  The work will be returned on Friday, along with library books.

    The front page to homework will be refered to as a "refrigerator copy".  This page will list the spelling words, sight words, and any special announcements for the week.  Communications from me are on the back to this page.  I may also contact you via your email provided either at Back to School Night, or the main email listed in your child's contact information listed with the school.

    Learning Responsibility:

    Students are rewarded for a job well done on homework, with Friday Fun Club (FFC) every Friday afternoon.  Students who forget their homework will need to complete it during FFC instead of participating.  If a student says they forgot it at home, I ask that they bring it on Monday or will miss the next FFC.  FFC lasts for 30 minutes each week. 

    Class Rules:

    The first week of school we established the class rules.  They are reviewed often.  Students who do not follow the rules will get a note home asking parents to discuss with their child appropriate behavior for school.  The note is signed and returned to me the next day. Should the behavior continue, they will get a second note and miss one recess in the day.  Should the behavior still continue I will make contact with you either by email or phone, and then on the next situation, the child will be sent to Ms. Kamper to discuss appropriate school behavior. 

    Students will receive "Gold Paws" for positive behavior through out the day.  Those are then collected and students will draw a prize from the treasure box on Fridays.  I track winners to ensure equitability over the course of the year.


    Students are allowed to share treats with the class for birthdays provided they are individually wrapped from the grocery store.  No handmade food items are allowed.  We will sing to your child and they will get a birthday sticker that day too.

    Student of the Week:

    Beginning in September, a student will be assigned a week to be the "STAR of the Week."  They will receive a poster, and a half sheet explaning what they will get to do each day.  They will get their poster on Friday and they will share it on Monday.  They will also get a braclet, and the "First Grade Fox" to sit at their desk for the week.  Every student will have a chance to participate.  I exclude short weeks so that everyone has they full week to be the STAR.


    Students are allowed to have water bottles in the classroom but they must be filled with water, not juice or soda.

    Breakfast and lunches are free to all students this year.  You do not need to sign up, it is automatic.  Students can still bring a lunch and a snack for first recess if they would like.


    We go to Library each Monday.


    Our enrichment class is each Thursday morning.  I will let parents know when PE starts and remind you to dress appropriately, especially the shoe type for PE.