• PS  Aeries Communications is now powered by ParentSquare 

    Redlands Unified School District uses Aeries Communications powered by ParentSquare for school and Districtwide communication primarily via email and text.

    Here is how Aeries Communications powered by ParentSquare works:

    1. Before you can utilize the ParentSquare application, you will need to have an Aeries Parent Portal account created. If you currently do not have an Aeries Parent Portal account, please contact your school site front office for assistance.  If you are unable to receive assistance, please send an email with student verification information (such as name, DOB, and address) to support@redlands.freshdesk.com. Once your Parent Portal account is created and confirmed, you are ready to use this tool!

    2. You may receive messages in the form of Posts from school sites or the District primarily via email, text, and in-app notifications.
    3. You may receive Smart Alerts via email, text, in-app notifications, and/or phone calls. 
    4. You may select your preferred mode of communication and whether you would like to receive a digest of notifications, or receive notifications in real-time within your user profile.
    5. We encourage you to engage ("like") and comment on posts that are sent to you.

    Aeries Communications powered by ParentSquare lowers barriers so you can quickly communicate directly with teachers and staff members in your preferred language.

    Aeries Communications may be easily accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Additional settings are available for text messages and voice calls.

    We highly recommend taking the Parent 101 online training course for guidance on how to utilize the new communications system so that you may connect with your student's teachers & administrators. Please click the appropriate link below to start your ParentSquare Online Training Module. 

    Have a smartphone?  You may download the ParentSquare app through the Apple App Store or Google Play for quick/easy access - please make sure to create an account using the same email as your Aeries Parent Portal account to connect with your student(s).