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Daily Schedule

  • Daily Schedule


    Regular Day Schedule

    All day Kindergarten and 1st through 5th

    8AM to 2:05PM

    Early Bird TK and Kinder  

    8AM to 12:08PM

    Later Gator TK and Kinder


    We currently anticipate with great joy

    the return to in person school for students on

    Wednesday, August 11th.

    Office Phone Number 909-794-8620

    Office FAX Number 909 794-8624

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  • Mrs. gill 

    Greetings Mariposa Students and Families, My name is Laraissa Gill and it is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you as the new Principal of Mariposa Elementary School.


    I am humbled to have been appointed as administrator of such a fine school. I look forward to working with Mariposa’s dedicated staff and wonderful community. The 2021-2022 school year marks 20 years that I have worked in the field of education. My career began as an elementary teacher, and in this role, I taught 2nd – 5th grade for a number of years. Later, I served as an elementary math coach and had the opportunity to work with many teachers across the District in TK – 5th grade. In an administrative capacity, I served at the secondary level as an Assistant Principal of Redlands East Valley High School and recently, I served as Principal of Victoria Elementary School.


    On a personal note, my husband and I have been married for over 20 years and are the proud parents of two amazing college students! It has been a great pleasure to watch our children grow up in this outstanding District, beginning in Kindergarten at Crafton Elementary and graduating from Redlands East Valley High School! It is important to know that I am passionate about being an instructional leader and administrator.


    I believe that any task worth doing should be completed to the highest degree of excellence. I bring this same commitment, attitude, and energy with me to Mariposa Elementary School. I am excited about getting to work and look forward to meeting you and your family soon.


    Please join me for an informal meet and greet on Monday, October 25, 2021, from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.


    I am truly honored to be given this opportunity and am excited about the great things that lie ahead for our school!


    Laraissa Gill


    Mariposa Elementary School




    Friday, October 22nd

    Join the Fun! 


    What Is “Mix It Up at Lunch”?:

    For Kids Mix It Up at Lunch is a time to make new friends by sitting at a different lunch table. The friends you sit with at lunch may be pretty awesome, but your other classmates are fun and special in their own ways, too!

    Mix It Up is an activity to help us break out of our “comfort zones”—our familiar, daily routines—and explore new ways of relating to and getting to know the people around us. Besides the excitement of Mix, there is another important reason to participate in this special day.

    The reason many kids get teased, bullied or picked on is because they are somehow seen as different—in the way they look, dress or talk, or even the family they come from, for example. Sometimes it may feel scary to get to know a classmate who is different from you. But once you take the first step, you’ll see that there’s a lot to learn from making friends with people who may be different from you in some way. By making a new friend, you may find out some cool things you would never be able to if you always stuck with people who are just like you.

    You may learn that you have many things in common with your new friend, too. Their family may come from a different country than yours, or their parents might not have the same genders as yours, for instance. But they may love all the same movies, books or TV shows that you do. And you’ll never find out unless you ask!

    Including others and making new friends can be scary, but taking that big leap to talk to a new person may help them feel included, accepted, welcome and safe at school. And that is always worth a little bit of extra effort! Finally, there are lots of games you can play and conversations you can start to make Mix It Up at Lunch tons of fun. 




    Mariposa Loves Our Volunteers!

    Volunteer applications are now available online through the Raptor system.  Volunteers are screened and have the option to upload current TB clearance or drop off the TB clearance in the office.  This volunteer application streamlines the process by eliminating the paper application.


    Become a volunteer today!

    Online Application Link:

    Click Here To Fill Out Volunteer Application


    You will need

    • Proof of negative TB no older than 60 days from day you ask to be approved

    • or "a TB Risk Assessment" form that is filled out by a Registered Nurse at their Primary Care Physician's office no older than 60 days from day you ask to be approved 

    • Click Here for TB Risk Assessment Form
    • and valid photo ID to sign in when volunteering.


    ALL volunteers must be RUSD Board approved every year.






    Founded in 1965, Mariposa Elementary strives to provide all students with a strong educational foundation that is rooted in strong academic practices and longtime traditions. 

    Awards and Recognitions


     California Distinguished School (2012)


    National Parent Group of the Year – PTO Today Magazine (September 2013)


    Previously recognized by the California Business for Education Excellence as a Honor Roll School and a Scholar School


    Past grant recipient from the San Manuel Mission Band of Indians


    Past California School Boards Golden Bell Award recipient for our School Gardens


    “A” Grade and ranking of #2 for Best Public Schools in San Bernardino County and Best Public Elementary School Teachers in San Bernardino County ( 2017)


    School Vision and Mission

    Mariposa Elementary School's staff, with excellent support and involvement of our parents and community, is committed to emphasizing academic and social achievement at the highest levels of excellence and to meeting the unique needs of all students with standards-based academics along with visual and    performing-arts oriented programs.


    Though it is a rigorous academic environment, there is a profound sense of student happiness on the campus.  The children are animated in their play, and engaged in their lessons. Mariposa is an educational environment supported by caring adults and a belief system that supports both the academic growth and the emotional needs of all children. Students are guided by our long tradition of the Five Keys to Success; responsibility, organization, flexible thinking, pride, and contribution. These essential elements of knowledge and character provide a basis for sound educational practices and also serve as character education. The collective result is a responsible and capable student body, preparing for a global society.  Branching out, the Visual and Performing Arts (music, art and movement) are integrated into the daily curriculum. The day begins with music from the Composer of the Month over the outdoor speakers. Students perform in weekly Flag Ceremony assemblies, the school chorus, band, and classroom plays. Hands-on experience and discovery can be seen in our gardens.  We work on physical strength through our twice weekly Running Club.  Mariposa is a safe nurturing environment where all students can find variety of opportunities for learning, building confidence, and developing responsibility.