• The History Social Science Framework, adopted by the California State Board of Education in 2016, guides educators as they design, implement, and maintain a coherent course of study. The framework consists of four emphases that are embedded throughout the entire curriculum: content, inquiry, literacy, and citizenship. The goal is to not only teach content standards, but to develop inquiry-based critical thinking skills, improve reading comprehension and expository writing ability, and promote an engaged and knowledgeable citizenry in history and the related social sciences.

    7th Grade Framework

    In 7th grade World History and Geography, students learn about Medieval and Early Modern Times (from 300 C.E. to around 1750 C.E.), focusing on the following questions:

    • How did the distant regions of the world become more interconnected through medieval and early modern times? 
    • What were the multiple ways people of different cultures interacted at sites of encounter? What were the effects of their interactions? 
    • How did the environment and technological innovations affect the expansion of agriculture, cities, and human population? What impact did human expansion have on the environment?
    • Why did many states and empires gain more power over people and territories over the course of medieval and early modern times? 
    • How did major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism) and cultural systems (Confucianism, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment) develop and change over time? How did they spread to multiple cultures?

    8th Grade Framework

    In 8th grade United States History and Geography, students learn about United States history from the First Americans to the end of the 19th century, focusing on the following questions:

    • What did freedom mean to the nation’s founders, and how did it change over time? 
    • How and why did the United States expand? 
    • Who is considered an American?

    Throughout their eighth-grade United States history and geography course, students will confront the themes of freedom, equality, and liberty and their changing definitions over time.

    You can learn more about the Framework at this link.