Materials: Please have a college-ruled notebook with a hard cover (avoid metal spiral notebooks if possible because they fall apart).  Have pencils, red pen, colored pencils, and highlighters.

    Important note for students: Take ownership of your learning!!!  I'm teaching important skills and concepts, but you, the student, need to put in the effort to learn it. Your future English teachers will expect you to arrive in their class with a certain skill set so apply yourself and engage your mind to make your future bright.

    Parents, please check Aeries parent portal at least once a week (or get weekly updates sent to you.  *note: any teacher comments made on Aeries gradebook cannot be seen with weekly updates).  Also, please check your email that you have provided the school with at least once a week.  Aeries and email will be the main means of communication between teacher and parent.  If a student displays a lack of motivation, parents will be emailed to assist in any issues the student may be experiencing.


    *Note, this page is still under construction, more policies will be added at the beginning of the year.  For now, please have materials when school starts.



    Thank you!