• Welcome to Mrs. Sharum & Mrs. Menendez's English class!

    Our classes have a year full of engaging, intellectually challenging, and creatively stimulating assignments and activities planned to help you maximize your full potential and master the 7th grade Common Core standards in accordance with the Redlands Unified School District's Scope+Sequence. We will read rigorous and enthralling texts of various genres: nonfiction/informational, poetry, short stories, drama, and novels, while sharpening students' writing skills through multiple forms such as expository, narrative, literary analysis, argumentative,  and creative -- both formative and summative. 
    We hope that in our classes you will encounter experiences that will challenge you to truly think about yourselves and the world beyond our classroom, begin to appreciate the art of the written word, witness the dynamic interactions that can take place with active discussion and analysis of text in our community of learners, and foster a passion for knowledge and inquiry.  We're blessed to be your teachers, and hope that you're ready to be immersed into the world of literature and all the beauty, insights, and inspiration that can accompany it.

    Google Classroom will be the hub for anything concerning our class and will contain posted assignments, due dates, materials, announcements, and resources. Google Classroom links and codes are available via Aeries.

    Grades are live and posted on Aeries -- be sure to log into Parent Portal at least weekly to stay up-to-date on your/your child's grades and progress.

    CONTACT INFO <when contacting your teachers by email, we kindly ask that you include both of our email addresses>: