Course Outline

  • Every middle school year of mathematics is intended to develop the foundations for success at the high school level.  Succeeding each year, 6th through 8th, builds a complete and solid foundation for high school.

    This is an outline of the 7th grade mathematics course that is intended to prepare students for 9th grade Mathematics I. 

    I. Module 1 - Thinking Proportionally

         A. Circles and Ratio

         B. Fractional Rates

         C. Proportionality & Proportional Relationships  

    II. Module 2 - Operations with Positive & Negative Numbers

         A. Adding & Subtracting

         B. Multiplying & Dividing

    III. Module 3 - Reasoning Algebraically

         A. Working with Algebraic Expressions with Fractional coefficients

         B. 2-Step Equations & Inequalities

         C. Multiple Representations of Equations

    IV. Module 4 - Analyzing Populations & Probabilities

         A. Introducing Probability

         B. Compound Probability

         C. Drawing Inferences

    V. Module 5 - Constructing & Measuring

         A. Angles & Triangles

         B. 3-Dimensional Figures