• The Physical Education Department at Cope is very proud of the fact that we offer a comprehensive, sequentially planned, non-competitive program, which promotes physical, mental, emotional, and social well being.  Utilizing the state framework as our guide, we established a series of 5-week courses that will help each student in his or her pursuit of life-long health.  Each week students will participate in daily fitness-developing activities, and bi-weekly cardiovascular fitness workouts. 

    All Grades & All Classes:

    Push ups & Curl-ups: All students should be doing 15-25 push ups and 32-50 curl-ups at home each night. The blacktop is too hot, uneven, and hard to engage in these strength building activities on a regular basis.

    Medical Conditions: If you have a medical condition (diabetes, asthma, allergic to bees, heart condition, etc.) please send a parent/doctor's note to the school office as well as to me so I am aware of the condition and can modify activities as needed.

    Absence Reminder: If you miss P.E. for any reason (sick, appointment, field trip, wedding, etc.) you need to see Mrs. Hammond for a make up form or download and print the absence make up form file to get credit for the absence. Up to ten days a year can be made up using the absence form. After ten days all absences must be made up at school. Also, all missed mile runs must be made up at school.

    Cold Weather: As a reminder...on cold days students can wear any color sweatshirts or sweatpants (preferably without pockets) OVER their PE clothes. Students can not wear thermals, shirts, jeans, etc. UNDER their PE clothes. Athletic type leggings can be worn under PE shorts only

    Please see attached resources for more information about Surviving the 1st Couple Days of PE, P.E. Make Ups and Physical Education Expectations, Policies, and Procedure.

    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade: From August 11th to August 27th all classes will be engaged in learning about school and class expectations/procedures, purchasing PE clothes/locks, practicing opening locks, and being issued a locker basket for belongings.