• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  My name is Gabrielle Faulkner-Milligan.  This is the start of my 29th year teaching; I have spent 16 of those years here at Cope teaching English.  I am passionate about the subject and look forward to working with all of my students to help them improve their skills and develop a deeper appreciation for the English language.

    We will be using the textbook called Collections which contains a variety of reading selections arranged in six modules, each one centered on a different theme.  At the end of each unit, your student will complete a Performance Task as a culminating activity to showcase his/her learning.  Your student will have access to the textbook online or will be able to check out a copy from the school.  In addition, we will be reading four novels this year – The Outsiders, A Christmas Carol, The Call of the Wild, and a historical fiction novel set in the Middle Ages that will be chosen by your student.  Also, your student will be assigned BARF (Books Are Really Fun) which is reading the students will do outside of class.  This assignment will be sent home at the beginning of each quarter.  Finally, as we will be doing the majority of work using laptop computers, technology will be an important part of our classroom learning experiences.

    I will use Google Classroom to post a calendar, assignments, handouts, and instructions for assignments.  The students will also use Google Classroom as a place to take tests.  Your student will be using Google Classroom as a way to keep track of everything that is going inside/outside of class and will be able to access the information from home as well.  Besides using my Google Classroom, I would encourage you to set up a Parental Portal account if you have not done so already.  Parent Portal is an excellent way to monitor your student’s grades in my class and in other classes.  I post new grades every 2-3 weeks throughout the school year; when I do, I make an announcement on Google Classroom and send home the corresponding graded work at the same time so your student can check to make sure the numbers match.  If there is ever an incorrect number, your student can simply bring the graded work in to me the next day, and I will be more than happy to make the correction.  I strongly encourage communication between your student and me; I think this is an important skill for your seventh grader to develop, the ability to come in to talk to his/her teachers.  However, if you, as a parent, ever have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at gabrielle_faulkner-milligan@redlands.k12.ca.us.  This is the best way to reach me, and I am excellent at returning emails the same day.

    My grading system is point based.  Each assignment will be classified into a weighted category, and an overall grade will be determined at the end of each grading period. 

                                        Assignments                                        30%

                                        Performance Tasks/Writing                25%

                                        Tests/Quizzes                                      30%

                                        BARF                                                    10%

                                        Final Exam                                           5%

    It is my policy NOT to accept late work.  However, your student will receive 4 passes that he/she can use to turn in an assignment ONE DAY LATE.  This means that four times a semester, your student may bring in an assignment the next school day.  I do this to give the students a chance because I know seventh graders well; many of them still need to work on getting organized and not procrastinating.  Please know, though, that I will NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK AT ANY OTHER TIME.  I believe my pass system is more than fair and gives each student the chances he/she may need throughout the semester to make mistakes and still stay on track.  Please understand and respect this policy and do not ask for additional time for your student as no exceptions to this late work policy will be made.


    I keep a basket with extra handouts in the event your child is absent.  As previously mentioned, I post assignment due dates and copies of most handouts on Google Classroom.  Your child is allowed as many days as he/she is absent plus one additional day to make-up missed work.  Passes are NOT needed when turning in late work due to an excused absence.  Each student needs to take an active role in seeking out what he/she missed due to an absence and turn in that work to the absent/late work basket in the front of my classroom.  Students also need to make up tests in the event of an absence.  Because most tests are taken online, the student may make-up missed tests at home, before school or during first lunch, or the next day in class if time allows.  Finally, students who participate in school activities that require them to miss my class, such as band and ASB, are required to turn in all work before or on the day of the activity.  Students who fail to do so will need to bring a pass with their completed work when they return the next school day.  Missing assignments are grade killers, so it is extremely important for your student to turn in work and make up tests after an absence.


    Your student will need the following supplies for my class: a large 3-ring binder, a pencil, a red correcting pen, paper, and subject dividers.  If your son/daughter wants to save work to a flash drive, please make sure he/she has one of these as well.  If your student has these things each day along with his/her completed work, then he/she will be well on the road to being successful in class. 

    If you would like to donate supplies to the classroom, I am always in need of Jolly Ranchers, Smarties, and Dum Dum lollipops to use as incentives.  I would greatly appreciate these donations anytime during the year. J

    In closing, I am excited about this year, and am looking forward to working with your child.  We are going to do challenging work, but we will have a great time as well.




    Gabrielle Faulkner-Milligan

    English 7 Honors