• AVID's mission is to close the acheivement gap and prepare students for college and career readiness.  We will be working on how to get organized and stay organized with our agendas, binders, notes, and time.  We will learn how to take notes and ask questions.  There are so many other important concepts we will learn and discuss, but most importantly, we will work on building our AVID family through team building acitivities.  Our AVID family is a community of support and encouragement and motivation!


    English this year will be a combination of reading, writing, and grammar.  We will be reading a variety of texts from your English textbook as well as learning how to cite text evidence, answer text based questions, and work on a variety of other state standards.  We will be using a variety of different websites including My.hrw.com, Newsela.com, and Google Classroom.  In writing we will be doing quite a bit of practice writing complete sentences following the RACE format, writing organized paragraphs, summaries, essays, and speeches, and even putting together a multimedia presentation.


    Social Studies is all about ancient civilizations this year.  We will learn about early humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, India, China, Greece, and Rome.  We will primarily be using our Discovery Ed techbook and website.  


    Overall, we will be working hard, learning new standards, and hopefully have lots of fun in the process!