• Drawing College Prep 


    Drawing CP has "College Prep" in its name because the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) both require students to have taken at least one high school class in visual or performing arts and to have passed with a “C” or better to be considered for acceptance. 

    Art promotes independent and creative thought, which can benefit students not only in their artistic development but in their academic classes as well. There is more than one way to solve a problem; getting started is the key. Besides art’s academic and psychological benefits, it is fun for the artist and the audience.

    Some assignments will be step by step to teach basic techniques. Others will require the student to use their own creative intelligence in deciding how to meet the assignment criteria. Most work will be done using graphite (pencil) especially at first. But other drawing mediums will also be used. Students do not need to buy supplies for this class.

    Drawing is a skill that can be learned. A student who feels they have no artistic talent need not worry in this class unless that feeling freezes them and they do not try.  Students who try will see they can create interesting artworks. Art is subjective. Beauty can be found in most things. Even in a project that isn't successful, there is something to be learned. 

    GRADES - Each week, there will be a variety of assignments worth roughly 60 points on average. There is also a weekly grade of “focus” which is worth 10 points each day. The way to get better at drawing is spending time drawing. Students who use their class time well by focusing on the assignment and not rushing through will have their grade helped by these focus points even if the grade on their artwork wasn't high.

    HOMEWORK – There is no homework unless a student is absent and then they must make up the work. Work is listed EVERY DAY IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM so that a student knows what they missed and can make it up even before returning to school.

    LATE WORK – There is ample time given in class to finish. If a student is absent, they have a full week to make up the work and it will still be considered “on time” and have no point penalty. Late work loses 10% of possible points off the top. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED TWO WEEKS AFTER ITS DUE DATE.