• Hello, Parents and Students!

    Welcome to the weirdest school year ever!

    School is definitely different at the moment, and it sure isn't perfect, but we will keep a positive attitude and adapt the best we can!

    Luckily, Google Classroom is so effective and easy. I will post all my lessons and assignments there. Our textbook is online too, and it's really simple to use. I will be teaching live from my Cope campus classroom 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. Our new block schedule means that a "week" now consists of three 90-minute live classes. So your kids will be face-to-face with me every other day, on a Block A day or Block B day. This will be a bit tricky to get used to at first, but we'll hang in there until it seems easy. My grades are located in Aeries, where you can see everything I see. I will update grades at the end of each week. 

    A fun activity I have planned relates to the weekly quiz we'll have at the end of the 3rd day of our "week." Your students will be divided into 4 teams. Throughout the week I want them to participate positively, answer questions, and volunteer to speak. Each time they do, their team gets a point. Meanwhile, I expect them to adhere to reasonable Zoom-meeting etiquette, such as keeping their mics muted when listening. At the end of the week, whichever of the 4 teams has the most participation points will not have to take the quiz. They get an A+ instead. Then the slate is wiped clean for the next week. I think this is a fun incentive system to encourage kids to participate positively in class. I appreciate your help in showing them how to work their mic buttons.

    One of the things I love about Cope parents is how they often ask me at Open House Night, "What do you need?" I can answer that right now. What I'd really like, is GRACE. Grace when I fumble and make a mistake. The same way I will be forgiving and allow some leeway for your kids when they drop the ball, I hope for the same. I will be making mistakes, but I am very happy to fix them. Please just reach out and communicate with me. 

    email me at suzanne_donovan-marlowe@redlands.k12.ca.us or

    call my classroom at (909) 307-5420 ext. 42441


    Let's have a great year! ------- Ms. Donovan-Marlowe



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