• This is a survey class of American History from 1776 to 1914. We use the other Social Science disciplines, Anthropology, Sociology, Archeology, Psychology and Economics to try and understand the story of America. 

    We will be using the Discovery Company's Social Studies Techbook along with all of their online offerings. This course will be using the internet for 99% of its content. Therefore, proper internet conduct is required. Remember... everything you do online can be traced back to you, and that your actions never, NEVER go away. There is always a record of what you did. 


    Concerning Field Trips
    There may exist opportunities for some students to participate in field trips or activities beyond school. Altho requirements for each event may vary, in general students will be invited based on excellent behavior and citizenship. Outstanding students are those who show a hightened interest in their academic subjects, a passion for learning, regular and enthusiastic participation in class, demonstrate a positive and helpful attitude, are kind and respectful of others, pay attention, follow direction, maintain good attendance, and exhibit mature and responsible behavior... even when I'm not looking.