• Math

    RUSD uses Carnegie Learning publishers for our Middle School Math content curriculum.  The textbook consists of 2 large consumable books per student.  We store these books in our classroom because they are too heavy to carry to and from school.  The textbook is divided into 5 Modules.  We tear out 1 module at a time and secure those pages inside a plastic 3-prong folder that we call our "textbook".  This folder is kept in student's backpacks and brought to school each day.  Additionally, we regularly use websites such as Khan Academy and Delta Math to support and supplement our math learning.  We use a 3-subject notebook to keep all of our math notes and work organized, so that we can reference them throughout the year.



    RUSD has a new Science curriculum in 2022/2023 from McGraw Hill publishers.  This curriculum covers Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science concepts.  We have 4 units for the year, each with its own student consumable workbook.  In addition, students will use a single subject notebook to keep all of our science materials and notes organized for future use. This notebook will be housed in our classroom and only brought home if/when students have homework in it. 


    CSTEM Math & Programming

    RUSD has partnered with UCDavis in bringing a Robotics program called Roboblockly to help students learn coding/programming and mathematics.  Students will work through the Roboblockly curriculum on the computer that is Common Core aligned.  Students taking CSTEM Math will learn the same math standards that other 6th grade students will learn, but through the medium of the computer, via coding and programming in Roboblockly.  This is a blocked course which means it is 2 periods long, 1 period for programming and 1 period for CSTEM math.